New Stickers Now Available

My daughter Madeline has an etsy page set up for the latest set of stickers. You can place your order here – the stickers are $6 for a set, and the price includes domestic shipping. (Overseas orders are $10 per set, which includes shipping.)

I’m afraid she isn’t able to do the “send $5 and an SASE punk rock thing” because of her work schedule and that she doesn’t live near a post office where she can rent a P.O. box.

As always, these are nice U.S.-made stickers – 100 percent vinyl. And they can be used outdoors, too. If you want a set, I’d act quickly. She ordered 300 sets and is down to 214 by word of mouth only.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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8 Responses to New Stickers Now Available

  1. Rachael Boyd says:

    got mine on the way

  2. matrassenam212 says:


  3. Bill Clark says:

    Yeah. Mine are on the way.

  4. guadfly says:

    Sold out already. Gees, I haven’t even gotten my coffee yet.

  5. Andrew says:

    Awww man. Any plans for another run? My wife really wanted one.

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