New Stickers Coming Soon

My daughter Madeline has settled into her new animal research job on the East coast and told me she is still interested in distributing stickers. I’ve created three new designs for her, and they should be available through her etsy store within a week.

These designs took some digging and some thought. If you don’t like them – or the ideas they embody – that’s cool. But please channel your criticism somewhere else during the holiday season. I just want to to think of hedgehogs and sparkle ponies this month.

Join the R. Michael Burns Troop of Woodworkers for Peace

Burns was one of the founding instructors of the College of the Redwoods (now the Krenov School) with James Krenov. This sticker is based on a flyer and has a nice story behind it. Brendan Gaffney is going to write that story up for us shortly.

Never Despair; Nothing Without Labour

This sticker is taken from a 1905 billhead of Bittner, Hunsicker & Co. The Allentown, Pa., company made hoisery, knit goods and overalls. Thanks to the power of, I found two original billheads for sale and purchased them. It’s a delightful and detailed illustration. Plus, I love bees.

Lost Art Press Bandito

This sticker features original art from Indianapolis artist Shelby Kelley. John and I have been fans of Kelley’s work for many years. It’s also available on a T-shirt.

Full details on how to order the stickers through Madeline’s store are coming soon. And thanks to everyone who has bought stickers from her – this is the seventh(!) set. Your support helped put her through college with zero debt. As a result, she is now eyeing a doctorate program. But she is insisting on getting a doctorate without any loans.

I am continually impressed with her attitude and drive. And you played a part, too.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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6 Responses to New Stickers Coming Soon

  1. Richg says:

    I would just like to extend a big thank you to all the folks at LAP for all the hard work that was put in this year. Every one of my orders came with out hitch all the stickers I ordered came as well. I know running a business is not easy. I for one customer thank you all for all you do. I hope you each have a Safe and Happy Holidays. I look forward to 2019 and some new and interesting books and other items.

  2. Dan Beck says:

    The first two are fantastic! I think I want to get the “Never Despair; Nothing Without Labour” image tattooed on me.

  3. Alaska Woodworker says:

    Sweet. Just ordered a set.

  4. John Byer says:

    As a Naptown, Indiana native I love that one of the stickers is Shelby’s art. She’s done some local beer labels too IIRC.

    Any chance of some reprints on some of the older sticker sets?

  5. Kevin says:

    You never can tell with bees…

  6. Bill Clark says:

    I have some of the past stickers and really love the do not obey. I may have that wrong, waiting to pickup my 88 year old Mother, she is still getting her perm.

    OK short story I will be sure to get each of the new, but may we please have that one back.

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