Welsh Stick Chair SOLD

My latest chair – based on an original on display at St Fagans National History Museum in Wales – is available for purchase and immediate shipment.

It is made from American red oak, assembled with hide glue (for long-term repairability) and is finished with garnet shellac. The seat is 22” wide and about 12-1/2” deep. The seat height is about 17” off the floor.

The lightweight chair is very comfortable and will look in place in a traditional or contemporary setting.

This chair is ideal for simply sitting and relaxing. The pitch of  its back sticks pulls your back against the armbow, which intersects your lumbar. The top of the four back sticks supports your upper back. This chair can be used as a dining chair, but it is ideal for lounging, watching the fire and conversation.

This chair is based on one of the chairs on display at St Fagans that I photographed in October. Like the original, the seat is not saddled. (Because this seat is unsaddled, the price includes a sheepskin for the seat.) Also, this chair has an undercarriage – an H-stretcher that is low to the floor. The original chair had an undercarriage that is long gone. I created this undercarriage based on extant examples from St Fagans and the remnants of the existing undercarriage.

Price: $630 plus shipping. Pickup or delivery within 100 miles of Cincinnati is free.

On Shipping

The price includes a custom crate. Shipping is via LTL. Shipping costs vary depending on your location and the details of how it needs to be dropped off. Costs can be $90 to $300 depending on your location and how much assistance you need to unload the crate.

— Christopher Schwarz

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2 Responses to Welsh Stick Chair SOLD

  1. Roland Stewart Chapman says:

    A very nice looking piece , it resonates with my grubby Celtic soul . I would purchase plans if a written , preferably humorous as well as instructional , monologue was included .


  2. Kerry Doyle says:

    I have enjoyed watching the evolution of design. That chair looks so comfortable and adaptable to any style, or no style.
    It is a bargain.


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