Stick Chair Class at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking

If you have wanted to take a class from me in making a stick chair, your best bet is to sign up for a class on the topic in 2019 at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking.

The class, which runs Sept. 9-13, 2019, will have as many as 18 students. That sounds like a lot, but the staff and assistants at the school are awesome. Plus, I hope to convince John (the other half of Lost Art Press) to also assist me. He’s a talented stick chair maker. In fact, we took our first chair class together in 2003.

Registration for the class opens on Dec. 3. You can read the class description here. More details on the school and registration can be found in the school’s brochure here.

The Marc Adams school is incredibly well run. And Marc has greatly expanded the school’s buildings in the last few years. There’s now a huge cafeteria, plus a glass studio and a makerspace with the CNC stuff.

— Christopher Schwarz

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3 Responses to Stick Chair Class at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking

  1. johncashman73 says:

    I could be tempted, but you’d have to throw in something like all the soft-serve ice cream I can eat.


  2. Neverfinished2005 says:

    I have attended Marc Adams School for the first time 2018… I don’t remember soft serve; but we did have a nice lunch each day, and the snacks and beverage were available for the late night students… I was there late using my hand saw for my King Post in the Stereotomy class. It was great fun! If anyone connected to Lost Art Press wants to translate those early french volumes related to Stereotomy, I would sign up now for the translated volumes in English.


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