FAQs on Classes at Lost Art Press

We’ll be announcing classes for the second half of 2019 in January (and we still have a few slots available during the first half of the year). Plus, I’ll be posting next week about a semi-last-minute addition to our January offerings (sorry for the tease, I’m just waiting on images from the instructor).

To help you navigate to these (and the upcoming new ones) we’ve added some easy-to-find links to classes from the home page: at the top in the menu bar and on the right at the top of the right rail. Click on either, and you’ll be whisked away to the listings on Eventbrite (the service we use for booking).

And if you have any questions about them, you can always email me at covingtonmechanicals@gmail.com. (Please do send class questions to me at that address, not to the Lost Art Press help desk – why? Read on).

“Why can’t the help desk help?” These classes are not really through Lost Art Press; in effect, each instructor is an independent contractor who is merely renting the space from Christopher Schwarz for the weekend (or week, in select cases). I handle most of the scheduling and logistics for visiting instructors (Chris and Brendan do their own), so I will likely know the answer to your question – and if I don’t, I can and will immediately get it to the right person. Meghan Bates handles the LAP help desk (questions about books, orders, etc.), and she is busy enough without having to forward stuff about classes to me.

“Why don’t I get an invoice right after I sign up?” Because each instructor does her or his own invoicing, and that comes directly from said instructor. I usually give it a couple of days for spaces to fill up after we launch a class, then I send the class list to the instructor. He or she will send an invoice using his or her preferred service (Paypal, Square, check…). I do not handle the payment side of things (except for my own classes, of course).

“What is the cancellation policy?” Each instructor sets her or his own, and that is typically included in the class description.

“I tried to sign up right when classes went live, and didn’t get in. You suck!” I’m sorry. Please see below.

“Should I bother signing up for the waitlist?” Yes! We do have cancellations – and when that happens, I trigger a note from Eventbrite to the first person on said list, who then has 24 hours to register. And if that person can’t make it, on to the next, and so on. I estimate that in about 70 percent of classes, at least one person from the waitlist gets in (and often two people).

“I’m coming from out of town; where should I stay?” Check out this blog post, which has suggestions not only on where to stay, but where to eat and non-woodworking-related greater Cincinnati attractions.

“Will you offer a class in X?” Possibly. Send me an email, and if we think there would be enough interest, and we can find the right person to teach it, we will consider X topic.

Other questions? Here’s that email again: covingtonmechanicals@gmail.com.

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  1. Rick Belcher says:

    Thanks to the Lost Art Press team. The addition of classes at Lost Art Press are a great resource for us in the Ohio/Kentucky area. While I love visiting NCarolina and Virginia, it is nice to have opportunities closer to home. The speed at which classes fill up is a reflection of how much we appreciate this resource.


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