Chore Coats Now Available

The chore coat in Japanese cotton.

We have a batch of chore coats up for sale in our store, just in time for the holidays. These American-made coats are the last ones we’ll be offering in the Japanese cotton. Our next batches will be in American bull denim. (The price, color and sizes will all be the same).

This is the coat I wear every day in the shop and adore. It breathes and moves quite well. And it takes a beating. Mine is starting accumulate the dust and scuffs a working garment earns. And this coat can take it.

Custom buttons.

Plus, the details on this coat are great – the Lost Art Press buttons and the embroidered interior patch are subtle touches.

Order now – this isn’t a big batch. And we concede that we’re kind of nuts for offering this coat at this price. An American-made coat with these details is typically $200 more.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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10 Responses to Chore Coats Now Available

  1. Richard says:

    I have an earlier release of the ‘Chore Coat’ and wear it each time I’m in my shop. Shop is not heated, but insulated here in northern Illinois and lately has provided all the comfort I need.
    I do wish there would be one modification to the Chore Coat – I would easily buy another if there were gusseted shoulders. I would love easier arm movement.


  2. Having trouble checking out. Says it cannot ship to me and will not complete the transaction. Tried PayPal and Apple Pay and got nowhere on either one. Could be me, but I order from you on a regular basis and have not had trouble before.


  3. ROB SWITZER says:

    Tried to buy a large (through PayPal), but it seems you won’t ship to Canada? I’d appreciate you holding one large chore coat for me, and I’ll arrange to have it shipped to a friend with an American address, tomorrow, latest. Note that I did that with some Crucible tools I bought, and it all went fine… (love those by the way, the dividers especially).

    Rob Switzer

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  4. Rob Switzer says:

    Is it available for us Canadians? Didn’t seem to be when I tried ordering.


  5. Rich says:

    While touring Beijing this past fall I saw some older generations of men wearing a work coat that was very reminiscent of your chore coat. They usually had matching pants as well.


    • Finn Koefoed-Nielsen says:

      They’re known as a “Mao Suit”…also modelled by various 60’s revolutionary types and Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the early Bond films.


  6. Justin Reuter says:

    I just received my new chore coat. It is as expected, high quality, simple, and fantastic!. My only disappointment is that the beautiful Lost Art Press logo on the inside pocket was sewn upside down. I don’t know why this bothers me as no one sees it or knows about it but me. I am 6’2″ 175 lbs with long gangly arms. I usually wear a large tall so I ordered the XL and it fits nicely.


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