Help a Toolmaker; Win a Poster


I suspect that many of you have heard the Rob Hanson of Evenfall Studios lost his shop and all his possessions because of the recent wildfires in California. If not, here’s the story.

All of us at Lost Art Press and Crucible Tool have agreed to run a raffle to help raise money for Rob and his wife to help rebuild their lives. The prize is the absolute last copy of our “By Hammer and Hand” letterpress poster. We found this final copy recently in our basement in a stack of miscellaneous bits of paper. I set it aside for something like this.

Here is how the raffle works.

Donate $20 directly to Rob via his PayPal link. Please note that we are not collecting any money ourselves. This money goes directly to Rob.

When you receive your email confirmation from PayPal, forward that email to Every $20 you donate gets you one entry in the raffle. Donate $40 and you have two entries in the raffle. Donate $60 and you have three, and so on. Yes, it’s OK if you are outside the United States for this.

On Dec. 9 at noon Eastern time, we’ll select a winner via a random-number generator. We’ll send the poster to that person, and I’ll personally pay for the postage.

And that’s it.

Thanks in advance for helping out a fellow toolmaker who has suffered an incredible tragedy.

— Christopher Schwarz

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6 Responses to Help a Toolmaker; Win a Poster

  1. Pascal Teste says:


    Yes I heard the story, terrible. Thanks for using your blog to help out.


  2. SteveS says:

    Yes. I donated before ya’ll woke up for work yesterday. 🙂
    This is for a good cause.


  3. thornburywood says:

    Thanks Chris, we’ve been following it from over here in Oz and can certainly sympathize after a similar experience 9 years ago in the Black Saturday bushfires when we lost 180 people. I’ll hop on to Rob’s site and make a donation.

    And a minor suggestion/request – as this seems to be the last extant poster and the plates aren’t available to make any more, would you consider making a high resolution scan of it available for purchase/download? There were a lot of us who missed out on the original run due to geography – I know it won’t be as good as the original but I still really like the poster.




    • Hi Craig,

      I’m afraid the poster is the intellectual property of the artist – not us. He’s opted to keep it a limited edition.


      • thornburywood says:

        Ok thanks Chris, appreciate the situation with IP, that’s a real shame for those of us who missed out (and appreciating your potential issues in posting such items overseas).


  4. Steve C says:

    Bump for a good cause


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