Custom Cabinetry, Part 1

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Custom_Dog_Socks (Source:

The word “custom” gets stuck on virtually anything these days, often as little more than a marketing device. Sometimes it means personalized, as with the socks in the illustration above; sometimes it’s intended to connote exclusivity, as a result of which the object in question will seem more desirable (at least, to those who want to feel special). But when you consider some of the stuff that’s sold as “custom,” you may find yourself questioning the meaning of the word.

What, for example, is custom drywall? Sure, drywall can be finished in a variety of textures, but that variety has been part of the mudder’s art for most of the six-plus decades during which drywall has been North America’s go-to covering for interior walls and ceilings. This historical fact has not kept drywall businesses around the country from incorporating “custom” into their names. Custom vans? I thought…

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4 Responses to Custom Cabinetry, Part 1

  1. Jeff says:

    If I remember right from Cabinet school, there is a distinction in the industry between “custom” and “semi-custom.” Custom is supposed to be one-of-a-kind whereas semi is choosing a bunch of different available options. I was told that a homeowner can even sue a cabinet company branding itself as custom if they build the same cabinetry for another homeowner, though I’ve never actually heard of that happening.


  2. mike says:

    Really looking forward to this book….


  3. Dave says:

    Reeeaaally looking forward to these socks . . .


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