New: Lost Art Press Blackout T-shirts


You can now order our new “blackout” T-shirt from our online store. This cotton T-shirt is available in sizes from small to 3X and is $25.

We call it a blackout shirt because the shirt is navy blue and the logo is black – there’s not a big contrast between the logo and the cotton when the shirt is newly printed. But every time you wash the shirt, the blue fades a little, and the black ink does the same. After about 10 washes, it looks pretty cool.

John and I have been testing these for several months and are pleased. Order yours here. These are printed on demand and usually ship in three days or so. (Order now for Christmas.…) Because the shirts are printed on demand, they will not be available in our storefront.

More Apparel News
Work continues on the chore coats at Sew Valley. When they start cutting and stitching, we’ll do a factory visit and shoot some video so you can see all the handwork involved and the company’s vintage machinery in action.

We also have a new bandana in the works from the pen of Tom Bonamici. That should show up soon and will ship in time for the holidays.

And finally we now have access to Champion sweatshirts and hoodies, and we will be selling those shortly. Champion sweats are made in the USA and are dang durable. I still have my Champion sweatshirt that I bought my first day of college in 1986.

— Christopher Schwarz

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Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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3 Responses to New: Lost Art Press Blackout T-shirts

  1. Jeremy German says:

    I’m happy to hear the hoodies are coming back, my old one is so ragged my wife is going to stop letting me go out in public.

  2. guadfly says:

    Please hurry on the overcoat! Long shirt season ends in 3 months here in Austin.

  3. johncashman73 says:

    The only thing I still have from 1986 I had to bring home in a carseat. I could maybe trade mine to you for that vintage Champion sweatshirt . . .

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