More Soft Wax for Sale


Katherine the Wax Princess has finished a new batch of soft wax that is now for sale in her etsy store. For those of you who missed her last batch, there have been a lot of changes to the way Katherine makes, packages and ships her soft wax. Read this entry for details.

The short story is that she switched to glass jars with metal lids (which are coated on the inside to inhibit rust). We switched to a waterless production process. And you get more than twice the volume of wax in a jar. Oh, and we have special packaging for the glass jars.

The new glass jars are sweet. The screw-top lid keeps moisture out and feels more secure than the friction-fit tin lid we used before. And the waterless production process ensures every bit of the soft wax is usable.

This might be Katherine’s last batch for 2018. She’s deep into applying for colleges, working on her paintings and pottery and continuing to become a budding movie critic.

You can order a jar here.

— Christopher Schwarz


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6 Responses to More Soft Wax for Sale

  1. boardbranchwoodworks says:

    Sold out already. Bummer


  2. Penn Ira A says:

    Just wondering how Katherine gets those screw tops off without thumbs. I mean that is Katherine in the picture, right? No matter, you’re sold out anyway. Can’t make more because she’s probably busy looking through those college CATalogues. 😻


  3. Joseph Zawodny says:

    I went to your daughter’s Etsy site and I found out they are all sold out. Is there any chance there will be another production run?


  4. josephzawodny says:

    Any chance Catherine will make another batch?


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