Download a Free Excerpt of ‘Shaker Inspiration’

SI_cover_webShaker Inspiration” is at the printer, and is on track to ship in mid to late November.

Until the harcover book ships, all customers who purchase the book get free pdf download of the entire book at checkout. The pdf is hi-resolution and searchable – handy for taking along on a trip or for searching.

Also, like all Lost Art Press digital products, it is offered without DRM (digital rights management), so you can easily integrate it into your personal library without passwords or having to be connected to the internet when you read it.

As of now, the hardcover book and pdf cost $43. When the book ships, the price for the book plus the pdf will be $53.75.

For those who might be unsure if this book is their cup of tea/La Croix/bourbon, here’s a high-resolution excerpt of various sections of the book. It’s short, but will give you a  taste of what this book is about: how-to, design, the business of woodworking, inspiration and measured drawings.  Click the link below, and the download will begin:


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7 Responses to Download a Free Excerpt of ‘Shaker Inspiration’

  1. skiroy56 says:

    I have purchased this book and pdf but for some reason I can’t seem to find the pdf download so I can download to my iPod. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Laurence

    Pylinski Arms LLC. Quality Gunsmithing Since 1984 967 Anderson Hwy. Cumberland, Va. 23040 (804)357-2393 In God We Trust, all others pay cash!


  2. Glenn Mitchell says:

    smart move to include this excerpt. It sold me on the book. The earlier quote piece didn’t hook me. Thanks, Glenn

  3. mike says:

    Tempting, I was going to hold off on this one but now I don’t know.

    I liked bourbon until the hipsters ruined it for everyone. Even mid to bottom shelf stuff is getting harder to source. I am lucky that I have been buying from the same store for 10 years, so he always has a Eagle Rare, Blantons, Weller or (yes) Pappy for me when they come in.

  4. Klaus N. Skrudland says:

    I really like Becksvoort’s writing. Not sure if I can pinpoint it, but it just sucks me in. I’ve read some books by him before and I had the same feeling. Really looking forward to this one. Read the excerpt now and it left me craving.

  5. craig regan says:

    I always thought of him as a Taunton Press type of guy, but this book shows Mr Becksvoort is right at home in the Lost Art Press line up. Good luck with the publication, it will be a classic someday.

  6. Ian McNemar says:

    I’m 1/3 through the PDF and it’s great! Like Glenn said above, the excerpt you released before or the product info page really hooked me.

  7. Bryan Crowe says:

    I just ordered this. Becksvoort is one of my favorite woodworkers. I built the lamp he wrote an article about in FWW in nov 2011 a couple years ago. Was great fun and a great learning experience. This mans work is top notch. Becksvoort does for shaker design what Nakashima did for American Craft Style. Boom I said it. I am also so happy he has recently made his way to Instagram. He is an amazing craftsman. Very excited to read his book!

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