Design Curves Back in Stock


Good news: We have 250 more sets of Design Curves in stock in our store. They are $37 a set plus shipping.

If you make chairs or curvaceous furniture, you’ll find these curves a nice addition to your tool kit. They are designed for woodworking – not drafting. Unlike drafting curves, ours don’t have the weird ink ledge, which is designed to prevent ink from smudging. The ink ledge also makes the curves less accurate (thank you, parallax).

Plus, ours are wood, not plastic. Well, actually they are a seven-layer bamboo ply (bamboo is a grass). They are durable, stay fairly flat and the world ain’t gonna run out of bamboo.

These curves are laser-cut here in Covington, Ky. Then I sand them on both faces to #220 grit to remove all the burn marks and dress the edges by hand to remove the extra carbon from the laser-cutting.

In other Crucible news, we are working on our next batch of lump hammers. We hope to have another group ready in the next week or so. Stay tuned for more news.

Also, if you have a question about Crucible Tool stuff, be sure to send it to (not to Lost Art Press). We have different people managing each site, and we want to make sure we get your question answered promptly.

— Christopher Schwarz

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8 Responses to Design Curves Back in Stock

  1. jbakerrower says:

    Are you using Megan’s backyard bamboo?😁


  2. RIchard says:

    These are great tools, use my set every week. Using a pencil to mark the faces when transferring the curvature from workpiece to workpiece. Need to remember to erase the pencil marks that I tend to leave when I put them away (bamboo erases easily).


  3. Loxmyth says:

    Approximate size of these? I didn’t see that in the catalog page, which may just mean I’m not paying attention… Including a size reference in the photo might be worth considering.

    (My design skills are far too underdeveloped to need these yet. But the price seems entirely reasonable. Let’s hear it for cnc-assisted manufacturing…)


    • mike says:

      The larger curve is 12” long. It is in the description.

      “The large curve is about 12” long. The smaller two are about 6” long. A full set of curves encompassed many individual tools. And while we hope to bring out more curves in the future, we think these three are an excellent starting point.”


  4. tom nadeau says:

    any way to get these signed?


  5. tom nadeau says:

    any way to get these signed? 8)


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