The Last Handful of Stickers

DISOBEY-StickerMy daughter Maddy says she has about 50 sets of stickers left. So this is the last call for this batch.

With Maddy moving to New England, she had to give up her Post Office box in Ohio (if you mail money to the old P.O. box it will be returned to you automatically by USPS). But she has kept up her etsy store. A set of stickers is $6 delivered. She also ships internationally.

After graduating from Ohio State University, Maddy is now in the working world and supporting a new kitten named Chickpea.

Also, for those of you who pay attention to stuff, Maddy made it through college without a penny of debt. That was thanks to her hard work, help from her parents and your help with her sticker business. You paid for many books, turkey sandwiches and (likely) a few beers.

Thank you.

— Christopher Schwarz

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10 Responses to The Last Handful of Stickers

  1. woodewe says:

    Congratulations to Maddy and her parents. It is a major accomplishment to graduate in just four years with no debt, We wish her the best in her next challenge.

  2. John W. Suessmann says:

    A child that gets though college in 4 years, without debt and lands a job. Wow job well done sir! Tip of the hat!

  3. Yay!!! Good for her and you and your wife. I am so proud of her!

  4. woodworker1950 says:

    Good job and good luck, Maddy. I hope I paid for a few beers.

  5. Bill Clark says:

    Got enough to give to Grandchildren and Niece and Nephew. What a great image. Have fun working, it needs to be fun.

  6. Rachael Boyd says:

    Tell Maddy that she’s got this. Also good job Mom and Dad, these days its not an easy job getting through collage and getting a job. wow and a new Kitty to love. GO MADDY

  7. mcdara says:

    I can’t figure out how to make a joke about chickpea turning into Hummus without sounding like a cat abuser. hmmm…

  8. T-bone hags says:



    Who/what is Maddy’s preferred sticker printer? Thanks…

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