‘Hands Employed Aright’ is Finished


The printing plant reports that Joshua Klein’s “Hands Employed Aright” was put on a truck yesterday and is headed to our Indianapolis warehouse. If all goes to plan, the book should arrive next week, and we will begin shipping out orders as soon as our warehouse can set up a special assembly line to fill pre-publication orders.

If you would like to order a book that will go out with the first batch, there’s still time. Visit our store here. The book is $57.

All of us, including Joshua I’m sure, are excited and relieved that we’ve reached this point with the book, which took many years of labor for Joshua to research and write.

“Hand Employed Aright” is a rare peek into the life of an early American woodworker through his extensive diaries, his tools and the furniture he left behind. The book is gorgeously illustrated with Klein’s photographs, plus historical paintings and letters.

The last time the world saw a book such as this was Charles Hummel’s landmark “With Hammer in Hand.”

No matter what sort of woodworker you are, I think you’ll be fascinated by this intimate portrait of Jonathan Fisher as he built his life on the frontier in the 18th century.

— Christopher Schwarz

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8 Responses to ‘Hands Employed Aright’ is Finished

  1. Tobin says:

    a pair of elusive Schwarzian typos spotted in the wild (feel free to delete this comment):
    – “Hand Employed Aright” is a rare peek into the like of an early American woodworker through his extensive diaries, this tools and the furniture he left behind.
    was probably meant to be:
    – ‘…a rare peek into the life…’
    – ‘…extensive diaries, his tools…’

  2. johncashman73 says:

    I love Joshua’s book, and look forward to seeing the print version.

    Not to derail the post, but do I recall reading somewhere that there is a follow-up to, or revision of “With Hammer In Hand” in the works?

  3. Richard Mahler says:

    Such a great book! I read much of it on my iPad on a flight to and from Scotland recently and it helped pass the miserable flight time. Looking forward to the print version to go next to the Winterthur ‘With Hammer in Hand’ on my shelf. Readers will find every page fascinating.

  4. NR Hiller says:

    I can’t wait (but I will). 💃🏽

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