Newsy’s Profile of Crucible Tools

Newsy began filming a detailed profile of Crucible Tool right before we launched our first two tools – our Improved Pattern Dividers and our Iron Holdfast.

Today Newsy gave us their kind permission to post the video here for you to enjoy.

In other Crucible news, we are about to launch our fourth tool – a Lump Hammer – within the next two weeks. Raney is milling the heads all day and we are getting set to assemble the first huge batch next week.

More details to come soon. In the meantime, enjoy the moviefilm.

— Christopher Schwarz



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7 Responses to Newsy’s Profile of Crucible Tools

  1. Dale Moulton says:

    Ror, we were talking about their new tool line and this just came in listing three of their four tools so far.



  2. WOODSKILLS says:

    Enjoyed the video! As an advocate of craft, I wholeheartedly support the movement towards handcrafting, slowing down and jumping off a fast train to appreciate what we’re missing as we speed by.


  3. Wow, I have never seen Raney so quiet! Great video. Thanks to you and Newsy for sharing it. It’s great to see craft highlighted in the media.


  4. schugn says:

    Sorry Chris,
    This video has the taste of commercial materialism and ELITEism. I have a chest of woodwright and blacksmith tools from my Great Grandfathers (circa 1880-1915). You have valid design concepts, but a metal Machinist’s Hammer is only a metal hammer. I love your work and philosophy of woodworking, but I believe it is time for you to step back and assess purpose of your en-devour.
    P.S. Hope to meet you at Amana, Ia. in 2019 Handworks. I am sure I have insulted your integrity and would like to apologize in person for doing so. I have learned so much following you on line and from your DVDs.


    • Daniel Williamson says:

      I don’t have a dog in the fight here, but that’s a bit harsh, don’t you think? Not that Crucible needs defending, and you’re definitely entitled to you opinion on their (or any other maker’s products), but seems a bit out of place. If you built a table you were proud of and had labored over that you needed for your home, wouldn’t you be a little taken aback if someone said that table was just like something they could have bought and that you should have just bought it instead? It’s not like he’s forcing you to purchase it. The free market means you can pick and choose products you buy. That’s the beauty of it. It’s a product they enjoy using and are proud enough of it to sell it. The thought being if there was demand, they could make money on it. Time will tell if their gamble was correct. Clearly they haven’t sold you on it, and that’s fine. Additionally, not everyone has their great-grandfather’s stuff. You should be quite proud that you do! And you should enjoy using those tools! I have some of my grandfathers, and I am reminded of him whenever I use them. But occasionally, people don’t have things and need to buy them. I’m sure there was a lot of video that was shot, and there was a lot of editing done (likely not by the staff at crucible). It’s easy to piece-meal clippets to make the story you want. That was the story the makers of the film chose to portray, and has no real bearing on what the values and principles of crucible are. Ask anyone who’s been interviewed, and they’ll tell you that storytellers highlight the points they want to highlight to promote the message they are trying to get across.

      I am definitely not meaning any disrespect to you, and I apologize if I’ve offended you. No harm intended. It just seems kind of crappy to poo poo someone’s product simply because you don’t have a need for them. Others might. So they make them. They also (presumably) want to use them themselves in their workflow. Simple as that. I’m not gonna knock that. Not with a lump hammer, anyway.


      • schugn says:

        Complicated as always. If I could afford the Crucible line of tools and Anarchist library I would stock
        duplicates of both for both my sons. Your are right. But there are so many things beyond the reach of some of us who have the desire.


        • Daniel Williamson says:

          Absolutely agree. I don’t own any of their tools for that reason. Yet. We shall see. One can always substitute a hammer for…another hammer! Haha

          It’s the way it’s alwats been done. Work with what you got, make what you’ve got work. Cheers!


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