A New Blog from Will Myers

IMG_7376 (2)

My daughter Emalyn, cool as always, using the spring pole lathe at Old Salem.

I just posted my first post at my new blog Eclectic Mechanicals. After all this time I finally decided to give it a go. The blog will, of course, be focused on woodworking and a lot of what goes along with it thrown in for good measure. I feel it will be a journey for all involved.

And no, Mr. Schwarz has not run me off or anything like that. I will still be posting here on occasion as well. Sorry I could not get started off with some good gossip.

— Will Myers

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3 Responses to A New Blog from Will Myers

  1. Matthew Holbrook says:

    Congratulations Will !

    Your Moravian Workbench project with the wooden vise is a good exampke. Movable (when needed) shop furniture and how to put it together.


  2. Congratulations and good luck!


  3. tsstahl says:

    Gawd, making that poor blind girl slave away on a treadle lathe all day! For shame. 🙂

    Gotta love it when the young’uns want to be in the shop.


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