A Little Teaching Ahead


At the time I stopped teaching in 2015 I was booking 18 class a year. It was a stupid schedule. I quite enjoyed the travel and learning from the students. But my personal work – my writing, designing and building – suffered.

Starting in November I’m returning to a limited teaching schedule – four classes in a year and no more. I am extremely excited (yes, I used an adverb there) to share the techniques and designs I’ve developed during this hiatus.

These classes will be different as I’ll be teaching little or no casework or workbenches (unless the French Oak Roubo Project III comes calling). It will be all staked furniture and chairs.

My first class will be Nov. 3-4, 2018, at our storefront in Covington, Ky., where I will teach the Staked High Stool. This project is a great introduction to chairmaking and working with compound angles. And everyone leaves with a finished stool. You’ll be able to finish your stool with “shou sugi ban,” though we’ll also teach spray finishing of shellac and some hand-applied finishes.

Registration for this class will open next week. We’ll have full details on all the storefront classes for the remainder of 2018 posted on Monday.

I hope you’ll consider joining us. The classes are small – six students maximum. The workshop is a great place to work with excellent benches and loads of natural light. And Covington, Ky., is a fun place to stay and eat.

— Christopher Schwarz


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21 Responses to A Little Teaching Ahead

  1. tombuhl says:

    Go to Covington for the food (and adult beverages) and leave with a stool. That’s a win with a side dish of sharing.

  2. Barry MacDonald says:

    If I camp out in front of your building, will I be first in line for a class?

  3. David Ryle says:

    What s the Andre Roubo bench III? I must have missed something.

  4. Dave says:

    You have mentioned that you “pre-burn” the parts prior to assembly. I’m guessing you wrap the tenons with foil and approach the mortises with caution…. Have you ever mentioned how you get the final joint to uniform color and appearance. (after you trim wedge and trim the tenons etc). A little hint would be appreciated. If I must take the class to learn your methods – just say so… I’ll be there.

    • Hi Dave,

      I do burn before assembly. I wrap the tenons in taper and put moist towels in the mortises.

      After assembly, I use a hand-held torch to touch things up around the joints. Just lightly kissing them until the area is blended in with the rest of the part. It’s *not* difficult to do at all. Promise!

  5. That’s my birthday weekend…the wheels are turning now.

  6. Neville Imray says:

    Chris I read you will teach a chair making class in UK next year. Where? When?

  7. Klaus N. Skrudland says:

    I’m so glad to hear that you will be teaching more chair making classes, even though they’re on the wrong side of the pond for me. Is this something you reckon you’ll keep doing for while, also in Europe? Around half a year ago I decided that I want to become a chairmaker, much thanks to your preaching. I wanted to sign up for the upcoming staked furniture class in Munich in October, but was just too late for a spot there. Number one on the waiting list now, fingers crossed. What are the chances that you’ll do more courses like these in Europe in the nearest future?

  8. I’m tempted to sign up if only to be “that guy” that shows up with his own finished stool…

  9. Chris,
    Will you be doing any traveling in your new teaching schedule? We’d love to have you back in Kansas City.

    • Thanks. I had a great time teaching there. I’m starting real slow but I’m sure that one day I’ll make it back. The barbecue is too good….

  10. Larry Malohn says:

    Chris, I am coming to your shop on August 18 and 19th for a class with Brendan Gaffney. Looking forward to seeing your place and all of the workbenches you have made. Do you have any suggestions for a hotel near your place that might be within walking distance to your shop?

    Larry Malohn

    • Hotel Covington is the closest. There are also a lot of chain hotels six blocks away by the river. Courtyard. Radsison. Holiday Inn. Hampton Inn.

  11. guadfly says:

    Austin has a lot of great food, barbecue and a new furniture building school in town. Just some information I thought y’all should know.

  12. But… doesn’t it stink when you burn your stool?

    (Apparently it’s up to me to ask the important questions?)

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