Trestle Tables in Ohio Coming Up


Trestle tables seem to always find a use.

2018 has been a busy year so far. Teaching (and the traveling that goes with it), plus trying to work a regular job has kept me in almost constant motion.

My next stop is in Bellbrook, Ohio, at Little Miami Handworks July 18-22. We will be building a knockdown trestle table that I came up with a few years back. There are still a few openings for this class. If you are free that week come join us! Dwight Bartlett, headmaster of the school, has has put together one heck of a facility.

little miami

— Will Myers

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3 Responses to Trestle Tables in Ohio Coming Up

  1. Roland Stewart Chapman says:

    Those are some nice looking benches there , very productive I’ll bet


  2. nrhiller says:

    Wow, beautiful shop space. Have fun.


  3. Shawn Graham says:

    Wow, what an awesome classroom


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