Production Begins on the Lump Hammer


Hey, if you’d like to read the latest on the Crucible lump hammer, check out this brief blog entry.

— Christopher Schwarz

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6 Responses to Production Begins on the Lump Hammer

  1. mrogen says:

    Man I’d like one of those! Though I’m not able to use it anymore, But that’s never stopped me before!

  2. Barry MacDonald says:

    You should use only foreign steel in this hammer to help support of our frends in Europe and Canada.

  3. proclus153 says:

    I feel like I want this hammer as a kind of apotheosis of a hammer—something to hit stuff with. It makes me think of “A Hammer” by Guillevic:

    Made for my hand
    I hold you well
    I feel strong
    From our strength

    You sleep a long time
    You know the black
    You have its strength

    I return with you
    Into the iron and wood

    You bring me back
    You want to try yourself
    You want to strike

  4. Adam says:

    It’s a beautiful looking tool.

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