‘Welsh Stick Chairs’ Arrives This Week

WSC_mockup2_largeThe printing plant says that “Welsh Stick Chairs” will leave the dock on Thursday and head to our warehouse in Indiana. As soon as it arrives, we’ll start shipping out all the pre-publication orders.

If you haven’t ordered yet and would like to be among the first to receive it, there’s still time to order. The book is $29, which includes domestic shipping, and can be ordered here.

Why is This Book Only for North America?
Meghan Bates, who handles our customer service inquiries, has been swamped with emails asking why we can’t ship this book outside North America (not even to Wales, which I know is wacky).

I promise you this: We would if we could.

Lost Art Press was able to obtain only the North American rights to the book. The remainder of the rights are held by a U.K. publisher. We dearly wish we could obtain world rights for this book. And perhaps someday that will happen.

But until that day, we take our contracts and agreements seriously and have no plans or desire to skirt our agreement. So sorry, we can’t ship you a copy (or 100) on the sly with a wink and a nod. We just can’t.

I’m sure someone will smuggle some copies of this book outside North America – it happens with music and books all the time. But we won’t be the ones to do it.

We will have copies for sale at the next Lost Art Press open day on July 14. I’ve never heard of people taking a holiday just to buy a book, but if you are that passionate, here’s a list of other things you could do on vacation in Cincinnati.

— Christopher Schwarz

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6 Responses to ‘Welsh Stick Chairs’ Arrives This Week

  1. nrhiller says:

    Wow, that’s amazing about the copyright. Kudos to you for respecting such matters.


  2. Michael says:

    how is book different than the version published in 1999?

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  3. I followed the link- read the description right down to the line stating you reset the book to the original font… that made me notice and appreciate the font you use for the Lost Art Press Logo. Is that an original font designed for/by you? Does it have a name and is it available anywhere? I have no need to use it. It’s just spectacular.

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