2 Classes in Munich this October

I’m teaching two courses in Munich this October at the new and expanded workshop for Dictum GmbH.

Today I visited the new workshop, and it is impressive. Located by the Munich Ostbanhof (east train station), the new facilities are flooded with natural light and have beautiful new German workbenches. And downstairs is Dictum’s Munich store and a huge array of choices for food, culture and lodging.

The classes are taught in English (with German expletives). If you are interested in handwork or getting started in chairmaking, here are the details:

Staked Furniture: 3-legged Stool
Oct. 8-9, 2018
I taught this class for the first time this summer, and it is a fun couple of days. In the class I explain how to do compound-angle joinery without math or even numbers. Plus, all the chairmaking techniques I have compiled and refined during my time as a chairmaker. If you do flat work and right-angle projects, this class will open up a new world for you.

Build a Sawbench
Oct. 10-12, 2018
This three-day class is great for new woodworkers. The pace is relaxed, and we get to explore all sorts of odd corners of the craft. The last time I taught this class, we also made winding sticks, straightedges and other useful workshop appliances.

Munich is a great city – very easy for international travelers to get to and navigate.


One area of the new Dictum workshop in Munich.

Some of you might be wondering if this new round of classes at Dictum indicates I might teach more in the coming months and years. And the answer is: kinda. I’ve resolved to keep a limited teaching schedule until my youngest daughter has graduated so that I can be a good father.

After her graduation in May 2019 I hope to teach about four weeks a year. (Teaching 18 classes in a year turned out to be a bad idea for my psyche.) I’ll probably teach a couple short courses at our storefront and maybe a week-long course somewhere else (if anyone will have me).

— Christopher Schwarz

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16 Responses to 2 Classes in Munich this October

  1. Barry MacDonald says:

    I think they have a festival in Munich durring the month of October?

  2. antinonymous says:

    Your photo may very well be Munich, and I have no reason to doubt it. But the beautiful, elegant, saw-horses in the lower-left corner of the photo are from my beloved, best-ever, Roy Underhill Woodwright’s Shop project (Season 21, Episode 1, 2001). I would recognize them anywhere. I built my own soon afterward, and have had many grateful years of use from them ever since. I even made some ponies based on that design. I consider them to be precious future heir-looms, if only anybody has the good sense to realize it. I’m delighted to see they’ve made their way to the Old Country too!

  3. Richard Hansen says:

    Oh I think they’ll have you. I’d love to see you do a class up here in Minnesota at Mike’s School of Wood.

  4. amvolk says:

    The carved decoration on the legs of the sawbench are new to me, but then I also saw them in a YouTube video from a Dictum class last year. Is there an explanation of their origin?

  5. Klaus N. Skrudland says:

    Living in a small town in coastal Norway, there are not many, hardly any, woodworking classes to attend. So, when I read this blogpost, it took me about half a second to book the staked furniture class. Travelling to Germany suddenly just felt like a trip to the grocery store. Just waiting for the booking confirmation now… fingers crossed!! Hopefully, I’ll get the last day of the October festival also.. I think it ends on the 7th of Oct.

  6. woodewe says:

    Regarding future classes, perhaps Port Townsend, WA? It has been some time since you were in the area and our memories are short, meaning it is likely safe to return for a short visit. So we may “have you” here – I’d think it would be a great opportunity to spread staked furniture in the Pacific North West.

  7. kingspudz says:

    Booked the staked furniture class! Can’t wait. It is a rare opportunity for me, plus, Munich! See you in October!

    • Klaus N. Skrudland says:

      If you don’t mind me asking, when did you book it? I tried to book the staked furniture class the day after this blogpost, but it was full already. Luckily I got a spot in the saw bench class, and I’m on waiting list for the staked furniture class.

      • kingspudz says:

        Hey Klaus, I must have been the last one to get it, as I did much the same as you, I booked it the day after the blog post. Hope a space opens up for you! Shane.

        • Klaus N. Skrudland says:

          Thanks, Shane! I hope so, too! I am so much looking forward to the saw bench class though. But having read The Anarchist’s Design Book lately, the staked furniture class is on top of my list. Maybe I’ll see you there! Have a great summer!

          • kingspudz says:

            Thanks man, so looking forward to summer. Hope you enjoy yours, and that I’ll see you in Munich for a beer!

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