Download Excerpts from 4 New Titles

Many of you have been asking about some of our newer titles, with specific questions about content and wondering if these books are right for you. So we have assembled pdf excerpts for each of these books, which you are welcome to download.

The pdf for “Ingenious Mechanicks” by Christopher Schwarz includes the table of contents, introduction and Chapter 1: Why Early Workbenches?.

The pdf for “Slöjd in Wood” by Jögge Sundqvist includes the table of contents, a six-page description of what slöjd means, “the kitchen as a workshop,” the benefits of working in slöjd, and a chapter that shows you how to make knobs and latches.

The pdf for “Cut & Dried” by Richard Jones includes a detailed table of contents (three pages, singled-spaced), foreword, acknowledgements, a guide to the abbreviations used in the book and Chapter 7: Coping with Wood Movement (25 pages on dimensional change, distortion, moisture cycling and stress release (kickback)).

The pdf for “Welsh Stick Chairs” by John Brown includes a poem, introduction, author’s foreword (there are two) and his chapter on Bending Wood for Chair Parts.

You can find more details and ordering information for each of these books here.


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4 Responses to Download Excerpts from 4 New Titles

  1. Dear LAP,

    I believe I ordered “cut and dried” a while back.

    I believe I received an email a little while ago that it was shipping.

    Has it shipped yet?


    Elliott Driscoll 609 647 6779

    Call me if I can help someone who has a substance use disorder. I can help.



  2. Jacob Eickstead says:

    They’re right for you. Question answered.


  3. Kevin Adams says:

    Chris, it may be mentioned in the book and I will be reminded when I read it again, do we know who is the Laurence to whom John dedicated his book? Thanks again for taking this on. I remember emailing with you before and after John’s passing and us both asking who will carry his message forward. And I said “perhaps that is you, Chris.”

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