Now Shipping: Lost Art Press Bandanas


We have just received our limited-edition bandanas in our Indiana warehouse and are ready to ship them out immediately. The bandanas are made and printed in the United States and are $24, which includes domestic shipping.

We have only 500 bandanas. Once they are gone, they are gone for good.

Bandanas are great in the shop for wiping up sweat, keeping the dust at bay or pulling your hair out of the reach of a machine. I’ve been using bandanas for decades (but perhaps that’s an Arkansas thing). So we decided to offer a Lost Art Press bandana/battle flag to our customers.

Like all Lost Art Press products, we try to do our very best. The 100-percent cotton cloth is sewn in South Carolina, one of the last textile holdouts in our country. The 22” x 22” black bandanas feature a rolled hem overlock seam on the edges to prevent the cotton from fraying in use.

The image was hand-drawn by Joshua Minnich and designed by Tom Bonamici. The image was printed with a water-based discharge ink in Oregon and then shipped to our warehouse.

It seems a lot of effort for a rag that might be used for snot or blood, but that’s how we roll.

The bandanas are shipping immediately. So if you need to stop the bandits who have poisoned the water well or craft a publishing-based thong, we have you covered.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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5 Responses to Now Shipping: Lost Art Press Bandanas

  1. John says:

    Really? Still no way you could manage to ship to Canada? Ugh.


    • John,

      John is still trying to work out shipping things to Canada and overseas.

      When we had a Canadian distribution center, we lost money. Why? Despite the fact that the price was the same for Canadian customers (yup, free shipping) most customers opted to buy our products from Lee Valley instead of us.

      That’s fine – we love Lee Valley. And we recognize that Canadians are going to turn there first. Simply put: We cannot keep on with a money-losing business practice. We’d be out of business in no time.




      • I get it Chris. I buy your books at Lee Valley. And your webshop seems to allow me to ship t-shirts to Canada, not the bandana. 😦


        • Yup. The T-shirts are are printed and fulfilled by a company with Canadian distribution. So we can offer those in Canada (and overseas).

          We do what we can, and have (for years now) tried to cut through this Gordian knot without losing money. Honestly and truly, it is easy to ship outside the country if you are willing to take almost no margin on your foreign orders and absorb the increased administrative costs and lost returned orders. But we cannot.


  2. Brian G Miller says:

    Poison well? Thong? Your’e killing me.


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