An Excellent Countersink

IMG_2533 (2)

My favorite countersink for wood has always been the square-drive ones used with a bit brace. They are easy to control and, when sharp, are quite fast.

I forgot to bring a countersink for a project I was working on today, and the only thing I had on hand were two that were made to cut metal. I have had them for a couple of years and use them to countersink the screws in the metal spiders on the candle stands I make, but I had not tried them on wood. Come to find out they work great in wood, too.

IMG_2536 (2)

These are available from McMaster-Carr for less than $20 each. The two I have are part numbers 2724A122 (cuts up to 7/16″) and 2724A132 (cuts up to 9/16″). These cut the cleanest countersink I have ever seen in both soft and hard woods. They also work well powered by a simple hand drill.

IMG_2538 (2)

— Will Myers


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10 Responses to An Excellent Countersink

  1. ikustwood says:

    Indeed excellent . Paul Seller’s favorite . Hard to beat for the price !

  2. Rachael Boyd says:

    I have a single edge type but it is old and used in my brace. I sure don’t like the multiple cutting edge type

  3. rons54 says:

    Perfect combination of cutting and burnishing.

  4. Jerry Dye says:

    I have used these csk’s for years on both mediums, they are great. Also they can be sharpened(by a tool grinder[person]). They are available from many sources. Also come in several standard angles.

  5. zeesign says:

    As in this example, machinist tooling frequently serves well when working wood…for the budget conscious, try Harbour Freight, three sizes for less than $10.
    From the website(edited for brevity):
    This 3 piece countersink and deburring drill bit set is ideal for cutting through metal, wood and plastic quickly and easily. Constructed of high carbon steel for durability, this set features a quick-change shank design for convenience.(1/4 inch hex)
    Includes 5/64 in, 1/8 in. and 3/16 in. sizes
    Designed for 82 deg. cutting

  6. Josh Cook says:

    Great googly moogly I love McMaster-Carr.

  7. Stephen Cox says:

    These are also available from lee valley, as well as a hole bunch of other neet stuff for woodworkers.

  8. Jason M says:

    I’ve been using one of these on wood for a couple of years now after I bought it at a flea market. I actually had no idea it was meant for metal.

  9. Richard M says:

    I can highly recommend the zero-flute (the style shown above) countersinks from KEO cutters, made in the USA. They are very high quality.

  10. Nick Gerhardt says:

    I ordered one of these from McMaster-Carr after reading this blog and I LOVE this style of countersink. Leaves a very smooth divot perfectly centered around my pilot hole, which didn’t always happen with the countersinks “meant” for wood.

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