Coming Soon: The LAP Bandanna/Battle Flag


We use bandannas constantly. We use them as a dust mask, napkin, oil rag, tourniquet, loincloth, clamp pad, battle flag on the War Rig and – in extreme cases – as a way to blow our noses.

The Lost Art Press Bandanna is designed, sewn and printed in the USA. It features our proud skep logo plus busy bees, as every woodworker ought to be. The hem is a “rolled-hem overlock seam.” (No complaints from the purists, please. A true double-fold hem, as on vintage bandannas, would have made this one cost about $50.)

It’s printed with water-based discharge ink for a durable image. Give it a wash before using it, and it’ll soften up beautifully.

Some statistics:

22″ x 22″
100 percent cotton
Sewn in South Carolina
Printed in Oregon
Skep logo designed by Joshua Minnich

Price? We’re still working that out – likely $20 to $25 delivered.

When? As soon as possible.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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16 Responses to Coming Soon: The LAP Bandanna/Battle Flag

  1. Richard Mahler says:

    I will not ask for details as to why this would be used as a loincloth in woodworking pursuits; the other uses I readily understand. 😳🤪😲


  2. Adam Brown says:

    I think I need a couple of these. Will they be available to the colonies, more precisely Australia?


  3. Jonathan Schneider says:

    US only?


  4. tmsbmx says:

    The design is awesome. Looking forward to seeing them on sale


  5. SSteve says:

    Tie knots in the corners and these will make great Gumby hats. (Not Pokey’s friend, the Monty Python version.)


  6. alexpacin says:

    The design is absolutely perfect, Chris and Co.


  7. sryoder says:

    I love LAP. I love the quality that goes into your products. I’ve bought 8 books so far and my wish list is still quite lengthy. But, I’m sorry, $20-$25 for a snot rag is just too much for me. I’m sure these are super high quality and I’d love to have one just because I love all things LAP, but I don’t see it happening. Think I’ll hang on to my money in anticipation of those handmade hickory toothpicks that are bound to be on the way. Hope this doesn’t make me a weiner.


  8. These are awesome. I regularly have to wear one to keep sweat from my eyes. A Bandito version would also be aces.


  9. Deniseg says:

    I love this product, BUTT, I must receive an iron clad guarantee that the bandannas in my order have NEVER done time as a loin cloth, seriously. 🤭


  10. Jack Palmer says:

    Very reasonable pricing. Bandanas are the the thing now for a lot of cool combines, with logos and one off designs. Most charge a lot more. If your going to use it to wipe sweat or blow your nose go buy a 10 pack for $3 at a discount store. As fof me I’ll take at least one maybe two.


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