LAP Open Day on Saturday will be a Big One


This Saturday we are opening the doors at Lost Art Press, and there is a lot of stuff going on. Here are the parts that I can remember:

  1. Tools. Brendan, Megan and I are selling off our excess tools. I’m still digging stuff out of the basement. Everything will be priced to move. None of us own junk. All tool sales are cash.
  2. Book-release Party. Suzanne Ellison, the Saucy Indexer and LAP researcher, is making her first appearance here. Suzanne and I are going to present our unexpurgated history of workbenches on Saturday night. At the party we will give you drinks. Suzanne has party favors for everyone that she has made. We have a few spots left for this free thing. Sign up here.
  3. Special guests. Jameel and FJ Abraham from Benchcrafted will be there to poo upon our Roman workbenches. And they have cool Chatoyance stickers to sell.
  4. Another special guest – Mark Hicks from Plate 11 Workbench Co. – will be there with shavehorses. (We bought one and he is bringing an extra one I believe). Give them a spin and talk workbenches with Mark, Jameel and me (if you dare).
  5. Books. As per usual, we will have the complete line of LAP books available for sale, plus T-shirts.

Finally, a couple food notes. If you are here on Friday, go to Braxton Brewing and get yourself a fried chicken sandwich on a biscuit from Bakers Table’s pop-up shop. And when you are here, make sure you eat at Main Street Tavern. It’s right around the corner from us. We eat there way too much. The brunch is cheap and incredible (it’s offered both Saturday and Sunday).

Looking for a place to stay? Definitely Hotel Covington. It’s a seven-minute walk from our store. The restaurant there – Coppin’s – is outstanding.

Alright, enough of my unsponsored blathering. Hope you can stop by on Saturday.

— Christopher Schwarz


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Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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4 Responses to LAP Open Day on Saturday will be a Big One

  1. Brian G Miller says:

    Damn, wish I could make it, Sounds like a blast.


  2. Josh says:

    Might want to keep “Unsponsored Blathering” on the list if you’re ever looking to retitle the blog.


  3. Carl Christensen says:

    What time do you think you’re going to open on Saturday ??


  4. Carl Christensen says:

    The FAQS should have been the first thing to look at…. Dummy!


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