Candle Stand Class Openings

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There are still a few openings for the Shaker candle stand class at the Wood and Shop School in Earlysville Va., May 10-12. This is a class that I am really looking forward to; the candle stand in question is one of my favorite pieces I have made. The candle stand we will be building is a dead-on copy of one of the three originals in the collection at Hancock Shaker Village. The class will be more than just how to make the table but will cover the research I have done on the three originals as well as a discovery from my most recent visit. This little table is an excellent example of how what looks to be minor details change the entire look of a piece. A good case of “it looks simple but is not.”

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Another good reason to join us is Joshua Farnsworth, headmaster of the Wood and Shop School has just completed construction of the workbenches, brand new Roubo and Moravian workbenches for everyone to try out.


Joshua has also installed the latest version of a wagon vise that I make on the benches, they are slick and fast!

If you can’t make the candle stand class, there are many other class offering as well with with a bunch of great instructors, the full schedule is here.

— Will Myers

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5 Responses to Candle Stand Class Openings

  1. Jason Davis says:

    too many classes too little time


  2. Christopher Orso says:

    I saw the wagon vise on Joshua’s blog. It looks awesome. Will you be selling these at all?


    • Will Myers says:

      Yes, still working thru my backlog on these. I will do a post here when I have some extras.


      • DR_Woodshop says:

        Will – How do you get on your waiting list for those? I still want to add one to mine that I built in your class summer before last. I see the new design has a crank wheel. Looks nice.


  3. That price for the class is a bargain. Wish I was closer. Beautiful piece.


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