New Stickers Coming (Very) Soon

sticker experto credeMy daughter Maddy is about to graduate from college, but she says she has the time and the desire to fulfill some sticker orders. So we have a new round of stickers on the way.

I’d hoped to design a new “Fancy Lad Academy” sticker for this round, but I couldn’t find enough alcohol inspiration to do the deed. Maybe next time. So here’s what we’ll have.


  1. A “Disoby” sticker a la Shepard Fairey designed by Jason Weaver. Jason has published this design on a T-shirt and says that he will be offering those shirts again. I really dislike looking at myself, but Jason did such a clever thing with this image that I forgive him.
  2. A detail of the cover of “From Truths to Tools.” This image is an homage to William Blake’s “The Ancient of Days” by Andrea Love.
  3. An image from “Ingenious Mechanicks” featuring my personal motto: Experto Crede.T2T2

You’ll be able to order sets of three stickers for $5 with an SASE, or order them through Maddy’s etsy store. More details on ordering as soon as the stickers arrive from

— Christopher Schwarz

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5 Responses to New Stickers Coming (Very) Soon

  1. SSteve says:

    I love that these stickers say both “Experto Crede” and “Disobey”. Seems very Dadaist.


  2. Jim O'Brien says:

    That’s my niece. Have to order some. Go Maddy!


  3. Rachael Boyd says:

    let me know when they are ready, cause I need some. got’s to help the kid.


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