I’m Baa-ck!

I have been at Hancock Shaker Village the past five days and up to my neck in furniture. What a week it has been.

IMG_2216 (2)

It is baby animal time at the village.

IMG_2209 (2)

The hardest part of documenting anything here is trying to stay focused. Every time I go anywhere, in any building, I find items of interest. I am always finding things I have not seen before. Nonetheless, it has been a productive visit.


IMG_2269 (2)

The buildings themselves have a lot of interesting details inside and out. If visiting HSV, take a behind-the-scenes tour; you won’t regret it.


The view from my work room in the brick dwelling Monday morning when I arrived.

In the coming days I will be doing some more posts on my latest visit to the far north. In the meantime, back to North Carolina in the morning. Twelve hours alone in a car with Will is no good!

— Will Myers

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  1. nrhiller says:

    Such a gorgeous place.


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