A Big, Big Batch of Soft Wax


My daughter Katy made a huge batch of soft wax during  spring break, and you can order it from her etsy.com store here.

This is a 100-percent teenager enterprise. She makes it from scratch in my shop, cans it, labels it and ships it out. Then she spends the money on rock music and chicken nuggets (I hope).

— Christopher Schwarz

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15 Responses to A Big, Big Batch of Soft Wax

  1. SSteve says:

    I would imagine that, as a father, you’re ecstatic that this is how your daughter spends her spring break.

  2. Semi-unrelated, but will there be a new batch of stickers in the near future? eh eh?

  3. I have a Chameleon of my own. That is a lot of work and effort .

  4. toolnut says:

    Dang, sold out again. Is someone buying it up in bulk?

    • Terry Hennessy says:

      I can’t get there soon enough that it is not already gone. Looks like she has a real winner on her hands.

  5. Goerge says:

    Katy, the chameleon is (beep) awesome! I think by now it’s recognizable as a trade mark of yours. Maybe consider implementing it in your logo?

  6. Pat Dougherty says:

    Haha! Rock music and chicken nuggets is hilarious😂

  7. adamwelker says:

    I love this stuff and have bought a couple tins in the past. Great for interiors and drawers! Recently, upon opening up a tin that I had used about half of, I noticed that I was getting a lot of rust ( or what looked like rust. Dark red color) mixing in with the wax. I used the first tin I bought a few days after purchasing and had no issues. This one has been around a few months. Is this normal? Is it indeed rust from the tin that I am seeing?

  8. Matthew R. Perrier says:


  9. David Ryle says:

    You hope the rock music or you hope the chicken nuggets?

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