More Soft Wax Available Now


Hey kids: Don’t eat soft wax. But you can buy it for your woodworking here.

Katy and her boyfriend, Michael (at right), are taking time off from their busy spring break to make some soft wax for you. As always, it’s available in 4 oz. tins. Every tin is handmade by Katy (and with Michael the very polite trainee), packaged in a tin and shipped out entirely by teenagers.

It’s awesome stuff for the insides of your casework. It is great for leatherwork and renewing finishes that look dried out (our real estate agent uses it on old trimwork in houses). You can make it yourself – we’ve published the recipe for everyone to use. But it’s not made with the same sass and panache that come from the Katy Schwarz.

Also, she uses primo ingredients. Cosmetic-grade beeswax. Domestic turpentine. And teen sass. Get some here before it’s gone.

— Christopher Schwarz

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17 Responses to More Soft Wax Available Now

  1. fedster9 says:

    I trust the boyfriend was suitably intimidated by your axe — I vaguely remember you writing that an axe’s intimidation factor was one of the benefits of the tool, specifically in regards to possible boyfriends.


  2. toolnut says:

    And just like that, it’s gone.


  3. mattbickford says:

    I definitely used to have that same Motley Crue T-Shirt. It was probably the same size too.


  4. Edward Hopkins says:

    Sass? Good. But does she also make it with razzmatazz?


  5. Rachael Boyd says:

    it works great on leather. I have a pair of CAT work shoes that were looking a little dried out, then I remembered you said, ” works on leather” so I tried it. They now look brand new. Next time I will warm up the shoes a little so it penetrates the leather better.


  6. Bill Truitt says:

    can U use this stuff as beard balm?


  7. Steven Kindem says:

    How about taking orders? I’m on the west coast and by the time I’m up (6:00am local) the latest batch is sold out. I’d love to try it!


  8. “I F***ing LOVE THIS!”

    Also, I find it both satisfying and horrifying that the newest generation is keeping the Crue alive! It really is the worst music that I love.


  9. অস্থির যাযাবর says:

    “…MIchael (at right)…” gave me a good laugh. Good on them; the hustle is what takes you far in life!


  10. mariocat10 says:

    Is the production of black wax in Katy’s future?


  11. tsstahl says:

    Not that this has anything to do with anything, Michael.

    I have a large six board chest and a secluded place to bury it, should the need arise. Just letting you know.


  12. quilaho says:

    Where’s the recipe you mentioned? I’m always looking for uses for the beeswax produced by my bees.


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