A Little Different Every Time

This past week I taught the first Moravian bench class of 2018 at Roy Underhill’s Woodwright’s School in Pittsboro, NC. This is the sixth year I have done the class at Roy’s; we have produced about 120 benches in that time.


Morning of the first day before the mayhem begins.

Over time, the class has changed and become more streamlined as my experience teaching it has increased. Of course, with each new group of students, there’s a different dynamic, even though we are building the same project. This keeps the class from ever becoming routine.



You never know what new layout method is going to turn up.

A first for this class was using a boring machine to hog out most of the waste from the long stretcher mortises. This was a huge improvement over a brace and bit.


Roy supervised the boring work.


10 minuets later.

We had a young fella named J.D. Stevenson and his father stop in to observe the class for an afternoon. We promptly put him to work. He made us all look bad – he’s 13 years old.


“The Kid” J.D. Stevenson, paring a mortise.


By the third day most everyone has good feel for the rip saw.


George showing off.


Some of Lake Erie Tool’s handiwork.



Ready for the vise.


Katie using the 2 1/2″ auger.

As always, I never seem to get any pictures of the very end of the class. The last day is always a mad dash to get as far as possible!

— Will Myers

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7 Responses to A Little Different Every Time

  1. ikustwood says:

    That kid is the future !!


  2. ikustwood says:

    That kid is the future : represents the best in us . bravo!


  3. neitsdelf says:

    “The nature and art of upsidedownsmanship.”


  4. Jonathan Schneider says:

    Great inside looks. Thanks for sharing.


  5. simon stucki says:

    I guess it’s less risky with the boring machine, if the machine is any good you can be certain that the bit will come out the otherside, excactly where it’s supposed to, right?

    lostartpress, please make a nice version of that book, this edition is horrible 🙂

    also that is a handsome benche rigth there! are the legs flush to the top?


  6. Wes Smith says:

    Making me homesick for NC.


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