What Happened to Lost Art Press T-shirts?


We get this question every week. Here’s the short version of the story:

We were using American Apparel shirts for the printing, and the company’s supply chain is frustrating. It would regularly (every week) run out of some color or some size and stop supplying it to our printer.

Also, our warehouse was having trouble integrating our T-shirts into some of its new inventory software. So we removed shirts from the site until we could get a new supplier and our warehouse could get its ducks in a row.

Right now we are evaluating three new suppliers – one domestic and two that are international. We always prefer to use domestic suppliers. But my position is that if you can’t supply the product, then you suck and we won’t use you. So we might end up with an international supplier on this product.

So shirts should be back up on the site within a couple weeks. If we use the supplier I am favoring, we’ll be able to offer sizes XS up to 5XL.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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20 Responses to What Happened to Lost Art Press T-shirts?

  1. Brian G Miller says:

    Really in the mood for another T-shirt or two. Let us know would you. Thanks. ps: sleds turned out great.


    • commencents1 says:

      Oh yea, T shirts! 100% pre-shrunk cotton would be THE greatest.
      Next…a decent ( and functional ) canvas apron that costs less than my no.4!


  2. Charles says:

    You should check out Blue Cotton in Bowling Green, Kentucky, as a possible supplier. I am not affiliated with them in any way but just know they have a great reputation. https://www.bluecotton.com/

    Charles Jackson Charles651@gmail.com



  3. bloksav says:

    My daughter claimed the exclusive rights for my old “Divided we stand” T-shirt.
    Those were still the coolest ones in my opinion


  4. Christopher hill says:

    Any chance you maybe offering a lost art press long sleeve durable button up in the future?


  5. Shawn Graham says:

    Gildan bought American Apparells production but not retail and they have some production in Georgia, North Carolina and Canada. Pick carefully and you could get their stability and USA made. I know I like their heavy cotton 2000 series but they’re made in multiple plants including Haiti so I don’t think you can ever be sure where that one is coming from when using places like Printiful.


  6. Stephen buday says:

    Any plans for tall? (XLT)


  7. sistermaia says:

    Have you considered working with Columbus-based Homage? Founder Ryan Vesler is a good dude. 🙂



  8. Dan Zehner says:

    Chris, a good friend of mine is a clothing designer at Hylete and it sounds like they’ve had good luck with their suppliers. Happy to connect you if that would be helpful!


  9. I’m amazingly picky about my tshirts anymore and really struggle to wear anything that doesn’t feel as good and fit as well as those American Apparel shirts do.

    So apparently I approach my tshirts the same way I approach my tools anymore. Well, I don’t put Katy’s wax on my shirts when I can help it. Actually, I do, but only the old shirts I won’t wear anymore because they’re cut up and in the rag box.


  10. billrusnak says:

    Chris, try reaching out to Warrior Culture Gear…you can find them at http://www.warriorculturegear.com or on Instagram. They’re a veteran owned company near me in suburban Philadelphia. They produce their own designs and do contract work.



  11. rons54 says:

    Next up, silk poet shirts with lace collars and the Fancy Lad logo.


  12. holtdoa says:

    How about offering for sale a properly sized graphic of sufficient resolution to use to have our own shirt made? It seems clear you are never going to offer one in the size I would want (a 2x Tall or 3x Tall depending on the shirt). I guess there is nothing other than morals or fear of being caught to keep someone from using the graphic multiple times or passing it along to others, but only those two things keep me from just garbing the graphic from some online picture and using that.


  13. Scott says:

    Try Upstate Merch we use them for our work shirts… amazing service.


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