Teaching Schedule for 2018

This year is shaping up to be a busy one. Several classes are already full. If you are interested in those classes, be sure to join the wait list. Here is the lineup as it stands now!

  • Moravian workbench @ The Woodwright’s School, March 16-20. (full, wait list)
  • Shaker Candle Stand @ Wood and Shop School, May 10-12 (three openings left)wm4 (960x1280)
  • Moravian workbench @ The Woodwright’s School, June 15-19 (full)
  • Trestle Table @ Little Miami Handworks, July 18-22 (five openings)IMG_1290
  • Sawing Bench @ The Woodwright’s School, Aug. 11 (full)
  • Moravian Workbench @ The Woodwright’s School, Aug. 24-28 (full)
  • Sawing Bench @ The Woodwright’s School, Sept. 8 (full)
  • Canterbury Shaker Side Table @ Wood and Shop School, Sept. 19-22 (three openings).IMG_5963
  • Shaker Candle Stand @ Lost Art Press storefront, Oct. 6-7 (full)
  • Trestle Table @ Little Miami Handworks, Nov. 1-5 (openings)

— Will Myers

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2 Responses to Teaching Schedule for 2018

  1. Matthew Holbrook says:


    Congratulations. While I haven’t taken your Moravian Workbench class in person, I built my Moravian Workbench using your original vidro, which was well done. Seeing that some of your classes are full, you would be regarded as a popular Prof., if you were teaching at the college level. Many students like an informal hands on approach to learning woodworking. Just like when I had lab courses in my Geology studies in college and grad school.


  2. afoundsheep says:

    I took a class at Little Miami Handworks, when I lived in the next town over. Fantastic school and a great owner, I’m jealous I don’t live close any more to take your class. I definitely recommend anyone else to seek out this school, it’s well worth it.


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