‘The Book of Thoughts’

Discover a bit more about Jögge Sundqvist, author of “Slöjd in Wood,” in this short film that is part of the current CraftBOWL exhibition (which closes April 8, 2018) at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis.

In it, s u r o l l e (Jögge’s artistic alter-ego) shares his deeply intertwined philosophies on life and slöjd.

— Megan Fitzpatrick



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4 Responses to ‘The Book of Thoughts’

  1. boclocks says:

    A most interesting philosophy! And beautifully done.

    Thanks, Fitz.


  2. Wow! That was like brain candy 🙂


  3. My daughters just watched this with me. We were all transfixed.

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  4. don2laughs says:

    Thanks, Megan. Very beautiful prelude that whets my appetite.
    Bought the book before seeing this film. Insight regarding the author is so very valuable to me. It allows the book to have a soul. I have many books and the ones with soul are most cherished and kept in a place of honor.
    I feel like you’ve been a friend for several years. You’ve become an inspiration for me to watch and appreciate. Keep up the good work!

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