Now in the Store: ‘Slöjd in Wood’


You can now place a pre-publication order for Jögge Sundqvist’s “Slöjd in Wood” in the store. The price is $37, which includes domestic shipping.

The book is scheduled to ship in early April 2018. We don’t know which retailers will opt to carry the book (we hope all of them will), but we will update you here when we have more information.

Note that on this book, a translation, we do not have electronic rights (so we cannot offer a PDF version).

What’s it About?
“Slöjd in its pure self-sufficient use is characterized by an individual using simple tools with great skill, a deep knowledge of raw materials, and the ability to solve functional problems….

“Slöjd is about quality – the best and most durable choices of material and joinery to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use but still be pleasing to the eye….

“Because slöjd is inherently sustainable, it feels genuine and authentic. In an increasingly complex and global society, it is important for an individual to experience an integrated work process from raw material to finished product.”

— Jögge Sunqvist

Jögge teaches you how to live and work in that tradition, using nature’s bounty and a small kit of tools. You’ll learn how to wield an axe and a small set of knives (and the occasional drawknife if you like) to make your own spoons, ladles, spatulas, bowls, butter knives, shrink boxes, cabinet knobs, walking sticks, cutting boards, clothes racks, stools and more. You’ll also discover what wood species are best for every type of slöjd object and why (updated to include species common to North America), and how to rive wood and dry it properly.  A special “Knife Grips” section includes detailed instructions and illustrations to help you learn the various grips needed for safe, efficient and fun slöjd work.

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Jögge Sundqvist (who is also known by his artistic alter-ego, surolle) practices the
traditional art of slöjd, carefully selecting materials from the forest then
transforming them with a simple set of tools. He makes utensils, painted furniture
and cabinets, as well as sculptures, in the long tradition of the Västerbotten
region of Sweden. He learned the craft from his father, Wille Sundqvist, and
Jögge now teaches slöjd workshops in Europe and the United States. His artwork
is found in numerous museums and public installations.

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“Slöjd in Wood” was designed to look as much as possible like the high-quality Swedish original, with full-color images on heavy, matte paper, a sewn binding that will last and a “paper over board” cover – that is, the image is printed on the heavy hardboard covers. It is 116 pages, and, like all Lost Art Press books, produced and printed entirely in the United States.

— Megan Fitzpatrick


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12 Responses to Now in the Store: ‘Slöjd in Wood’

  1. John Hippe says:

    Really looking forward to reading this book. Will be ordering soon.


  2. vortenjou says:

    Sad about the pdf! Been looking forward to this one for ages, since I saw the picture in his dad’s book of 4-year-old Jogge carving! Ordered.


  3. Paul Huckett says:

    Amazing . My father was at school in Melbourne Australia in the 1930s and did a subject called Sloid . It was woodworking , an attempt to give a grounding in dexterity and self-sufficiency to an essentially academic curriculum . I also did compulsory woodworking in the 60s as a 12 and 13 yo but by then it was Woodworking . I’ve never forgotten the skills learned and as an antique dealer for over 40 years have often used them in conservation and restoration of furniture and picture frames


  4. Jim Maher says:

    Is this primarily about making utensils?

    Or is significant content on “painted furniture and cabinets”?


    • fitz says:

      This one is mostly on utensils and other small household objects; a stool is the only furniture piece. The full list of project chapters:
      Butter Knife and Spatula; Knife with Birch Bark Sheath; Spoons and Ladles; Hangers (for hats, coats and the like); Knobs and Latches; Peg Board (sort of like a shaker peg board); Snob Stick (walking stick) and Curtain Rod; Bowl and Trough; Shrink Box; Cutting Board; Stool. Plus chapters on materials and tools, chip carving, painting and knife grips.


  5. johncashman73 says:

    Ordered. I’m really looking forward to this.


  6. Daniel says:

    I just ordered it and can’t wait to read it! Jögge’s new book, like his father’s classic, will inform and inspire all of us in the world of carving. Thanks for publishing it!!


  7. tsstahl says:

    No turtles? What a rip.


  8. James Forrest says:

    Hi! I was wondering how it as going, the plan to find a distributor in Canada? 😀


  9. jamesjfforrestgmailcom says:

    Hi! Can’t wait to order it. I was wondering how it was going, the plan to find a distributor in Canada? 😀 Thanks!!


  10. Scott Taylor says:

    I have just about worn out his fathers book over the past few decades… everyone in my family has more spoons, spatulas and stirrers than they can use.. I am really looking forward to this book!!!!


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