News: It is Time to Buy Hardware


After the death of Nancy Cogger of Londonderry Brasses, Horton Brasses acquired the company’s stock and is selling many existing pieces at 50 percent off.

Orion Henderson estimated there are more than 23,000 pieces of Londonderry hardware now for sale on the Horton site.

If this is all the information you need, get your credit card out and load up. Here’s the link.

I swooped in and bought about 50 pieces of campaign hardware for future commissions and a follow-up to “Campaign Furniture.” I was shocked at how much money I saved. Here’s the link to the campaign hardware section.

Londonderry is fantastic stuff, made using a lost wax casting process to copy original pieces. The good news is that the hardware looks bang-on original. The bad news is that it usually requires more finessing to install than modern hardware that is completely consistent in every single way.

Orion says that Horton will continue to carry some of the Londonderry pieces and bring them in as a special order. But you’ll never see these prices again.

If you aren’t familiar with Horton, it’s time to fix that situation. I’ve been a happy customer since 1997.

— Christopher Schwarz

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3 Responses to News: It is Time to Buy Hardware

  1. Richard Marinos says:

    Sorry to hear about her passing. She was incredibly knowledgable and nice. She gave me a lot of help with fuming hardware, now I’m learning that she was doing while fighting cancer.

    Thanks for the heads-up. Wish those skeletonized pulls were on sale… I would have bought the stock. But I did get enough hardware to keep me busy for quite some time.

  2. Jeff Hanna says:

    I love Horton. Just wanted to also mention Ball & Ball hardware ( because they are local to me. Another great reproduction hardware company that will do custom work.

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