Trestle Table Classes for 2018


I will be teaching two new classes this year building a trestle table at Little Miami Handworks in Bellbrook Ohio

The table we will be building is one that I came up with using design elements from several  vintage tables. One cool thing about this design is that the table breaks down for storage or transport (more about that here).


We will build the tables from locally sourced white pine and oak. The length and width of the table will be somewhat variable at around 6′ in length and 32″ to 34″ in width. It is a five-day class, the cost is $750 plus a $200 material fee. The sign-up page for the class can be found here.

— Will Myers

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9 Responses to Trestle Table Classes for 2018

  1. Jason Davis says:

    Something is wrong with the site. I can’t get to the section to pay. “We are unable to calculate shipping rates for the selected items.” I did not know that a class has shipping.


  2. Bill Borchert says:

    In Christopher Schwartz book workbenchs, he says top is made in four boards to section(121) and four sections but that will only give you a top of 20” not 24”. Am I missing something? This wold be s great help


  3. jay says:

    How thick is the top, and how long are the screws holding it on the stretchers? Any chance for splitting the top with movement/handling when dis-assembling and re-assembling (and twisting if movers aren’t coordinated)?


  4. meanmna says:

    Unfortunately my class allotment for this year is full, but I took Will’s Moravian Workbench class at Roy Underhill’s school 2 years ago and he is a great teacher. So envious of those that get to go. I will be building this at some point to replace our two fold up plastic tailgate tables but I will have to rely on the DVD.


  5. jay says:

    Will, Thank you for the page 11 link, and excellent article/read. The article identifies enlarging the holes in the battens for wood movement, yes, but doesn’t identify the screws. What size are the screws, and their length (or how much wood is maintained between the pointed tip of the embedded screw and the top’s exposed upper surface)? I could not find the size of the screws in the article. Thank you.


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