The ‘Electric Horse Garage’ Lives


The new roof on the Electric Horse Garage is complete. The electricity is in and flowing. The last bit of the puzzle (the ductless HVAC) will be installed on Monday.

That means we move the big machines next week, and I can begin the next chapter of my life.

Some details: Ignore the weird red trim on the front of the shop. That isn’t how it was supposed to look, and I’ll fix that next week. I also have to install some floor sweeps for the doors and hang the interior lights (LEDs). Oh, I have to assemble the 18” band saw. Build a mobile base for the mortiser. Finish the restoration of the old Powermatic drill press.

And touch up the paint inside. Repair the weird hole in the floor (can you see Zuul down there?). Trim and fill the weird pipes in the middle of the floor. Get some heavy anti-fatigue mats for the floor.


Shops are never done.

— Christopher Schwarz

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42 Responses to The ‘Electric Horse Garage’ Lives

  1. Dave Reedy says:

    It’s most likely a Balrog down that hole.


  2. Mark O says:

    Would love to know more about the LED lighting that you chose for the electric horse garage. Just got a shop space with lots of CFL bulbs in them and was thinking of changing them out for LEDs (either bulbs or strips) since the space is not well heated and the CFLs have been a little hesitant to come on with the recent cold snap.


    • meanmna says:

      Check out Rockler right now. They have a 25% off sale on LED Lighting. I have 4 of the 7500 lumen linkable 4 foot lights I added to my shop/garage to replace the couple of builder provided ceiling mounted bulbs. I switched out the socket fixtures to ones that had the bulb and a plug outlet and plugged them into that. The provide plenty of light.


    • Mark, I swapped out a bunch of CFL’s a year or so ago for some nice economical LED’s on Amazon: Hyperikon Utility LED Shop Light, 4FT Integrated LED Double-Fixture, 38W (100W Equivalent), 3800 Lumens, 3000K (Soft White Glow), Frosted Cover, Corded-electric – (Pack of 4)

      I like the cooler, soft white glow as opposed to the 5000K stuff (which reminds me of work) but you have a choice.

      They’re definitely instant on regardless of the temp. I think I bought 12 or 14 total.


      • Jeff Hanna says:

        I just installed lighting recently in my shop. I went with fluorescents. This could be changing, but I read from a lighting expert (I tried to find the article, no luck) that LEDs have a ways to go before they are more economical. I had a good amount of lighting to install, and LEDs are expensive. According to the writer, 5000k is supposed to be best color.


  3. I almost like the red.


  4. fitz says:

    Whoo hoo! (But Zuul lives in my basement “bathroom” – I think what you’ve got there is Keelut)


  5. John says:

    I agree with James!


  6. Electric Horse Garage would be an awesome name for a band.


  7. Kent Ryan says:

    An authentic roofer’s paint: Tinner’s Red also available in Tinner’s Green. Don’t believe there are Tinner’s other colors.


  8. Michael L Dyer says:

    And straighten the drooping electric wires across the front (OMG)


  9. Mike Nicley says:

    It’s nice to read this post today after having read the Shop Makeover chapter of The Anarchist’s Tool Chest last night. The journey continues – thank you for letting us watch.


  10. Ronnie Kotler says:

    I would keep the red and add some more but not to much


  11. Peter Corfield says:

    The red looks good. The muted colours of the facade are crying out for a little dazzle-dazzle.


  12. Richard says:

    I am not sure where/how to ask…

    But I seem to recall you having a blog post about rolling up some denim and soaking with oil. Then using this to lubricate your plane soles. But I cannot find it. Any help would be appreciated.



  13. marvthompson says:

    “Shops are never done.” Oh so true…..


  14. crwoodworks says:

    No worries – Zuuls were in Montana.


    • jmac406 says:

      What do you mean by writing, “were” in Montana? They still are! “Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!” That is the Montana that I love!


  15. Ernest Avey says:

    If you are looking for some anti fatigue mats I have a bunch of the 3′ X 3′ heavy duty mats that we would reach a deal on. they have locking nubs on one side and the top is layed out in a 1 ft X 1 ft pattern. They do look like waffles with a grid of holes in them but they are oil resistant. If you are interested I am not that far away in Urbana Ohio and the phone is 740 972 0232. If I don’t answer it is because of the robo call filters. Leave a VM and I will return the call.


  16. claydeforge says:

    WHEW!!! It looks beautiful!


  17. volzwgn says:

    Looking Good! So the sign you hang in the storefront when you’re in the EHG is: 1. He’s out back. 2. He’s in the other shop. 3. He’s Horsing around in the Electric Garage. 4. I’m out, be back later.

    I kind of like the red brow, too. But, you’re contemplating green or white?


  18. toolnut says:

    Leave the hole and anchor a helium filled red balloon there.

    (And horse mats for the horse garage. )

    Looking forward to see your post when you have it “completed”.


  19. Dave Hart says:

    Echoing back from the hole you hear “There is no Dana…”


  20. rons54 says:

    I look forward to a spring storefront day, I hope to make it down again soon and perhaps walk the neighborhood a bit as well as picking up a couple of more books.


  21. Matthew Holbrook says:


    Your doors look good. Since you have that red trim, you could balance that by getting your door sweeps in red rubber. Maybe boxcar red.


  22. Tom says:

    Got a caster recommendation for the mobile base?


  23. Stacy Franklin says:

    Where Is your electric Horse. A photo please?


  24. jenohdit says:

    Awesome if Zeuhl were coming out of that hole. I’d be at the next open house for sure.


  25. Bob Bell says:

    Plans sound Google. You’ve earned it with your hard work. Enjoy!


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