Shaker Table Class with Will Myers at Our Storefront


Build an accurate reproduction of an icon of American furniture with Will Myers during an Oct. 6-7, 2018, class at our Covington, Ky., storefront.

Will has spent years researching Shaker design by measuring the actual pieces in the Shaker communities. His careful work has resulted in measured drawings for this table that result in a true reproduction. (Will was shocked to discover that none of the published plans available were exact reproductions.)

During this intense two-day class, you’ll build a reproduction of this beautiful table and learn:

  • History and details of the three original candle stands of this style that I have examined.
  • Why this table is not as simple as it first appears, and how many small details contribute to look of the table as a whole.
  • Layout and cutting of sliding dovetails on a cylinder, to join the legs to the spindle.
  • Shaping the legs, using spokeshaves and card scrapers.
  • Turning the spindle to final shape.
  • Shaping the top support with planes and spokeshaves.
  • Shaping and smoothing the edges and faces of the round top.
  • Why you need a metal “spider” (and how to make one) to reinforce the leg-to-spindle joinery.

Registration for the class is free. Registrants will be invoiced for the $300 class fee and additional materials fee (which will likely be around $100). Attendees at this class should have some woodworking experience. While no turning experience is required, it will be helpful.


These classes are are limited to six students led by Will (plus me as an assistant). That’s why we can tackle such ambitious projects.

Register for the class here. After you register, you will receive an invoice for the class plus a tool list. Any student looking for a place to stay or eat near our storefront can get full details here.

As I’ve mentioned before, these classes do not benefit me or Lost Art Press. All proceeds go to the instructor. If you’ve ever met Will (or seen any of his videos) then you know he is a skilled woodworker and excellent instructor. We are thrilled to have him teach here.

— Christopher Schwarz

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5 Responses to Shaker Table Class with Will Myers at Our Storefront

  1. tombuhl says:

    I am currently re-watching the Chris and Will Roubo Build. Watching you use clamps for various work holding I keep finding myself thinking it would be so much easier (and less dangerous as protruding clamps tend to attack me) with holdfasts. Eventually, I realize that your bench top does not yet have dog holes. That’s all. Carry on…and have a great time with the Shaker table class.


  2. Paul Straka says:

    Any chance Mr. Schwarz will make a cameo with some inappropriate comments?? Roubo bench video outtakes??


  3. John says:

    Is registration closed already? It’s asking me if I want to join the waitlist. I know it filled up fast last time (for the dutch tool chest) — just not sure if it’s the case as well here.


  4. That is easily my favorite shaker table. It was always annoying to see that the measured drawings were not correct and they didn’t duplicate the graceful lines. I was thinking they didn’t want too many others out there like the original, sort of understand why, but that is on my bucket list to build. Have some cherry cut up upstairs in the barn.


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