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IMG_2749[2] One of these things is not like the others. Last week I attended a holiday party held by a local publication. This biannual event is always characterized by classy live music and an atmosphere of big-city sophistication found so rarely in the south-central Indiana college town where I live that it always seems to verge on the surreal.

Another defining feature of the event is the elaborate presentation of food. A central table holds crudités, charcouterie and fish. On this occasion the fish were two strapping salmon (discreetly shorn of their heads and tails) festooned with cucumber-slice scales. The muscular fish were artfully arranged side by side to evoke their movement while swimming. (Nothing says “eat me” like a headless corpse positioned so as to suggest its once-lithe motion.)

This pair were joined by a regiment of jumbo prawns hanging from the edge of a silver tureen, as though…

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2 Responses to Simple by design

  1. volzwgn says:

    At first I thought this was A+B=C Sidecar +Martini = Guacamole? Had no idea mashed potatoes could be sooo upscale! Great story!


  2. rons54 says:

    I hate to think how they served the beanie weenie.


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