Coming Soon: More Classes at Our Storefront


When I purchased my shop building in Covington, Ky., I swore I wasn’t going to open a woodworking school. And, in all honesty, I still don’t want to run a school or return to teaching.

I will, however, allow my friends to use the space to teach classes.

So, in the coming weeks you can look for Megan Fitzpatrick and Brendan Gaffney to offer additional classes at our storefront. Brendan is especially keen on offering low-cost, one-day workshops for locals to introduce them to woodworking, sharpening and woodworking tools. Why? Almost every day people stop by the storefront asking if we will teach them how to build things. (Today, a plumber and a barber asked for classes.)

Megan has a full roster of classes that we have been planning for many months, including a Morris chair design that was made here in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In conjunction with these classes, we also plan to open the mechanical library up for the public to use. The library is still under heavy construction – Megan and I need to build a 12’-long run of shelves to house part of the collection.

So things are changing here – for the better. By the end of the year the Horse Garage will be a fully functional shop with a few good machines. We’ll have space for me to continue my research and build commissions. We’ll have space for Megan and Brendan to offer instruction. Plus rare old books to blow your mind.

One final note: All of our projects begin incredibly small in nature. Lost Art Press sold about 2,000 books its first year in 2007. (We’re up to about 40,000 a year now. That’s a pathetic growth curve for corporate America, but I have only two words for corporate America.) Crucible is still in its infancy, as are our plans for the storefront. I want things to grow organically and be bulletproof. No debt. No reaching for things beyond our grasp.

I hope you’ll join us on our slow journey.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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  1. I hope to attend the Morris chair class. I assume it is like the one in the storefront. Correct?

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  2. Can’t imagine a better place to hold or attend a class, Chris…

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  3. Jacob Eickstead says:

    I’m really happy to be a part of the first class. are The two words for Corporate America “Disobey me”? 🙂 This makes me wish I lived closer. If you ever want to move to Austin…

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  4. SSteve says:

    Are those two words “Grow this!”?

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  5. bloksav says:

    Good luck with the classes.
    If you ever need help with a class on how to make dovetails using hacksaw, or how to do woodworking on a ship, I would be happy to help 🙂

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  6. lclement4 says:

    Awesome workshops and classes like this are the only things I regret about living in the Bay Area, California. There is no place for me to go to learn hand tool skills in person.

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    • Check out the summer classes at The Krenov School in Fort Bragg. I think you’ll find help at The Crucible in Oakland as well.


    • I also live in the SF Bay Area. GIven the population it is odd that there isn’t a circuit of hand tool folks coming through. The Crucible in Oakland offers some classes (also where Lie Nielsen comes mid-Sep each year).

      Woodcraft in San Carlos has a gentlemen by the name of Gregg who I have spoken to. He runs an independent woodworking business (forget what it is called) and is well trained. I have spoken to him and he will do private instructions. That’s what I plan to do in the new year.

      Also, over in Pleasant Hill, there is a “community college” that has some woodworking classes and I plan to go there as well.

      That’s the best I can find regarding local local classes. One wild hair idea I have had is to approach Woodcraft and see if they would be interested in allowing me to organize some roving instructor classes on their behalf. I suspect they would have no problem filling them up. Once that happens, I think there would be more coming to the Bay Area.


      • lclement4 says:

        Thanks for all the information, Joseph. I live about 20 miles from Pleasant Hill (where I grew up) and the community college there is DVC (Diablo Valley College).

        I love your idea regarding a roving instructor too.


  7. toolnut says:

    Fancy Lad Academy?

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  8. Good for you guys. I love your goals. Thank you.

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  9. bronzy935 says:

    I’m waiting fot your corporate expansion to extend across the pond.


  10. RustedTinMan says:

    I’m not good with words,.. many quotes from others fill my head.
    I simply wish you success on your journey and in some small way hope to have helped, and supported it.


  11. studioffm says:

    Hats off !! You guys have done a wonderful job creating a resource for your city and a publisher for all of us . Your strategy of slow growth and no debt is remarkable and admirable. Stay strong and focused for 2018 you have another important book to get out .
    very best for the season

    david savage


  12. Christopher McDonough says:

    Love it, love everthing about, especially the shared space, teaching classes, there is so much of a reward to build, to teach, to learn.
    I just notice a DIY store front open up in my neighboring downtown!
    I’m a student of the first vocational School in the country called North Bennet Street School in North Boston and they have the book binding classes,carving classes, fine woodworking classes!!
    Blessing & Peace
    Christopher McDonough
    Rivertown Builders


  13. jbb78 says:

    Awesome progress and opportunities on the way. I personally am looking forward to having my schedule coincide with a class or three eventually. I live nearby and i would find it very convienent to attend. Best of luck!


  14. Bob Easton says:

    Sleep is so much easier, and so much more comforting, when debt free. May you always keep that comfort.


  15. Ronoir Hartman says:

    Great philosophy.


  16. jakeboxer says:

    So how does one learn of the aforementioned classes….


  17. mjbukrey says:

    Exciting news Chris! Would love to visit and take a class someday.


  18. Hi Chris,
    It’s amazing how not having debt allows one to do things they way they want. I am glad because it benefits all of us woodworkers.


  19. Stephen Aiello says:

    Congratulations on opening this space and your approach to grow organically. Being fairly new to woodworking, I am probably one of many that quietly and quickly have discovered you and really admire your contributions. Hope to someday get down there and take a class.

    Being a fellow NU grad doesn’t hurt either!


  20. Simon Stucki says:

    I know the two words: “sharpen this” right? 🙂


  21. colsdave says:

    I’d be interested in a class with Nancy Hiller.


  22. scotkyle says:

    I love this and much needed in a virtual/digital world.


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