Canadian Sales Temporarily Suspended


We’ve had to stop selling our products in Canada temporarily until we can find a new way to ship our goods across the border.

Our warehouse in Canada has decided to drop us as a customer to focus on other aspects of their business. John is hard at work trying to get a replacement service lined up. Because we are in the middle of the holiday season, however, it’s impossible to really get a shipping service’s attention until January.

We apologize for this and hope we can get it resolved quickly. In the meantime, Lee Valley Tools carries our full line of books.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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15 Responses to Canadian Sales Temporarily Suspended

  1. Tim Cottle says:

    I live close enough to the border, maybe I should just run some books and postcards up and put them in the Canadian post office.


  2. says:

    can’t they wait until the new year ??


  3. Jason M says:



  4. tomfidgen says:

    I’m fairly certain The Unplugged Woodshop would be happy to carry your books-; )
    ( or at least help out with the smuggling and the bootlegging… )


    • ikustwood says:

      Indeed! That would be awesome!


    • Hey Tom,

      Thanks so much for the generous offer! John and I are getting together to hash out our options today. We might be able to ship FedEx to Canada direct from its fulfillment facility in Indiana.

      If that doesn’t make sense, we’ll definitely reach out to you guys.


  5. ikustwood says:

    I am in Canada. Something I can do…?


  6. James Dobson says:

    Just like Canadian thanksgiving, Christmas comes a month before the American holiday. We are already in the new year. This shouldn’t be a problem 😉


  7. Patrick says:

    For a minute I was worried they wouldn’t be available in Canada at all.

    Ordering through LV is my usual way. I get the book and some instant gratification.


  8. We do that though our shipper, either UPS or Fedex.


  9. colsdave says:

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  10. Richard O. Byrne says:

    Talk to Rob Lee and see if you can bring your stuff through Canadian custom via LVT warehouse in Ogdensburg, NY. He like LAP.



  11. Andy Lockhart says:

    I too am in Canada. If you think business is problematic now, just wait till your Combover-In-Chief decides to put a bullet in NAFTA….


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