Megan has Left the Magazine


One of my favorite bas-a#% people.

You might have heard: Megan Fitzpatrick is no longer the editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine.

While readers might be wringing their hands or wondering how the magazine will fare without her (hint: it will be just fine), I am personally and selfishly pleased at the news.

Megan was, hands down, the best employee I ever had (followed closely behind by Kara Gebhart). As my managing editor, Megan worked her butt off. She was both passionate and professional. Intensely curious about the craft. Willing to do whatever it took to get the magazine to the printer while refusing to sacrifice quality.

And now, with her days free, she can work for Lost Art Press even more – both editing and writing. As many of you know, nearly every book at Lost Art Press has benefitted from Megan’s careful eye and deadly red pen. And, if I get my way, she’ll allow us to publish a book of hers that’s been percolating for many years.

The community of woodworking editors is small – maybe 30 or 40 people at most. And when someone leaves a publication, one of two things happen. Most editors disappear. They return to their lives as commercial woodworkers or move on to edit a magazine about drones or hospital hand sanitizers. A few (and I can name them on one hand) refuse to leave the world of woodworking and carve out their own place. On their own terms. And they improve the craft (and their own lives).

The smart money says that Megan will do the latter.

So please welcome Megan to the ranks of the Woodworking Editorial Hobo Society (of which I am lifetime member). There’s a warm chair and a cold beverage waiting for you at our next meeting.

— Christopher Schwarz

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Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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38 Responses to Megan has Left the Magazine

  1. John Hall says:

    May she do well.


  2. Anthony says:

    I am personally saddened by the news, but happy for Megan and her new life. Now. She can finish her remodel.


  3. Some birds aren’t meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright.


    • jonfiant says:

      Great reference, very apropos! To those wondering where that came from, just watch “Shawshank Redemption.”


  4. Peter says:

    Wow!!! Right on Megan! I’m sure this will be an amazing change for you. So excited to see you thriving and kicking ass.


  5. Jacque Wells says:

    Please extend my sincere congratulations to the Esteemed Ms Fitzpatrick. I’m sure Pop Wood will miss her, but I’ll gleefully look for her articles or comments on this site.


  6. calebjamesplanemaker says:

    Congrats Megan! 😁👍 >


  7. Wombat says:

    MAP gas to light a cigarette? I’d have thought she’d at least be an acetylene gal! Congrats, Megan, I hope this frees you up for great things, both to you, and the craft.


  8. johncashman73 says:

    Megan will be a woodworker for life. Without question. But I really, really hope she remains in the part of woodworking where we get to follow her vagabondage. It’s been great fun watching her evolution so far.


  9. kendewitt608 says:

    I for one barely noticed the change from you to her. All the best on her next trip.
    It worked for you it will for her.


  10. JY Chin says:

    You probably will not read this but if you do and willing to consider publishing the series of workbench personality into a book or booklet, you already have one buyer.

    Thanks for all the guidance, entertainment, wisdom and experience sharing all along.


  11. dknott2013 says:

    I’m not interested in opening the finger-pointing can of worms, or the one that includes the “he-said-she-said” controversy…but I keep coming back to this question: was this move her idea or theirs?


  12. R & M SMITH says:

    God that is so cool to see – just like watching 10 minute trailer trash.Up and down in flames. Their loss is her gain….


  13. burroborracho13 says:

    Welcome to the ranks of the self-employed!


  14. Congratulations Megan! Your work on the LAP books has been amazing, and I’m looking forward to seeing more there. I’m also excited to see what you get done with your house with all your new-found free time!


  15. karyan says:

    Good luck, Megan!
    Big loss for PW.
    A world gets its Editor .
    “Fitz edits The World!”


  16. xxxmike says:

    Poor ole’ PopWood! It’s systematically lost many of it’s best people. I’m not looking forward to losing my favorite woodworking mag – hope it survives.


  17. Mitch Wilson says:

    Megan-have a fried egg sandwich on me.


  18. Eric R says:

    Here’s hoping that the next chapter in your life will be well written.


  19. tpier says:

    I love the picture, dangerously cautious. The cigarette has a filter, and Megan is making sure she keeps her hair away from the flame. Sort of like using a gas filled carburetor bowl to extinguish a cigarette, but making sure the fire extinguisher is in its place on the wall.


  20. Bruce Lee says:

    Sincerely all the best for the future. Your adventures in house renovation should be an inspiration to all.


  21. Good for her. I hope her life will be filled with happiness. Pop Wood just lost an ace.


  22. edfurlong says:

    Best of Luck Megan–Corporate Publishing’s loss is Anarchist Woodworking Publishing’s stellar gain!


  23. joefromoklahoma says:

    Bon voyage, bonne chance!!!!


  24. I always thought it a real privilege to work with Megan. To me, she was never anything but kind, supportive and generous with her time. She took a chance on me, and I will never forget that. I consider her leaving to be a tragic loss for FW Media and Pop Wood, and I am not sure what it will mean for authors and contributors like myself, or what it means for WIA. But I have zero doubt that Megan will be a superstar, no matter where she goes or what she does.


  25. joeyb5 says:

    what the heck are “bas-a#% people”


  26. rons54 says:

    I only met her once, at the storefront just a few weeks, ago but she impressed me in person as much as her writing has. Helpful, humble, no nonsense and funny. I am confident she will do well at whatever she turns her hand to and I look forward to buying a copy of her book. Please talk her into a signing or release party at the storefront.


  27. fitz says:

    Thanks so much to everyone for your kind words. Onward and upward!


  28. Steve Carey says:

    Smoking! Really? It’s 2017!


  29. jmwagle86 says:

    Where can I find one of those cigarette lighters? Looks like it would last and handle the damned wind here in Kansas.


  30. FredL says:

    Everyone has it all wrong. That is a fascinating way to light a torch. You go girl!


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