New Stickers are Coming

Fancy Lad Sticker

My daughter Maddy is sold out of stickers. But three new designs are being printed now. My favorite is the one shown above. If that sicker doesn’t make a bit of sense to you, read this blog entry at my other blog.

Maddy will start selling the stickers once they arrive.

— Christopher Schwarz

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9 Responses to New Stickers are Coming

  1. I’m constantly looking for ways to reduce the quantity of what makes it to my e-mail inbox. Your postings, this one and the “Words that make you Barf” are the the kind that save your blogs from my cyber chopping block. God bless you! These things need to be said. Speaking of my other favorite post: I just got this link from Kremer Pigments for biodegradable glitter, no more Sparkleponies!

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  2. C B says:

    That sticker makes me think of another fancy boy term I hate
    High End


  3. Rachael Boyd says:

    what will the others look like? cause I am sure I need them.


  4. occasionalww says:

    Charcuterie? Are you trolling for wieners? Oh wait, forget I said that.


  5. Jonathan Schneider says:

    In fleeek


  6. A:Y:M says:

    When the hipsters started using “bespoke” incessantly made me quit Instagram. Especially when describing upcycled pallet furniture for their Brooklyn apartment. Solidly joined with pocket holes.


  7. Patrick M. says:

    The guy in this sticker has a really nice butt. Just sayin’.


  8. kendewitt608 says:

    I am trying to order three of the MINE stickers for my granddaughters and Megan Bates says I have to get the set only. Your note on the PW blog seemed to say otherwise.
    That would involve getting three sets.


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