More Soft Wax Available Now


Katy has been hard at work making soft wax, and she now has 53 more tins to ship out immediately. Tins are $12 each and are available here through her store.

This is likely the last batch she will be able to manage before the end of the year, though she is a determined young lady. She’s pushing hard to sell wax so that she can go on a school-sponsored trip to Boston in 2018. We’ve agreed to pick up half the cost, but she is responsible for the rest of the trip’s expenses.

And (God help me) she will almost certainly become a fully licensed driver this Friday and need to purchase gasoline and “Little Tree” air fresheners for her vehicle.

— Christopher Schwarz

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12 Responses to More Soft Wax Available Now

  1. Bexley McBexley says:

    I would bet an open tin on the dash would outlast all the air fresheners she could ever purchase.


  2. Salko Safic says:

    The fear subsides after the first 12 months, but never completely goes away thereafter.


  3. bloksav says:

    Hmm, I think that a small rag with a bit of soft wax smells better than most of those tree shaped air fresheners.
    Good luck on the driving test and tell Katy to enjoy the many miles of road ahead of her.


  4. Chris Decker says:

    The very first post of yours that I ever read was the “I’m thinking I’m over-thinking” post where you talk about teaching her how to sharpen. Still one of my favorites, and something that I’ve shared with dozens of people over the years (It’s one of my bookmarked pages!)

    Good for her, and good luck to both of you!


  5. bachlynch says:

    Dumb question: what is this wax used for?


    • From my daughter’s etsy description:

      Soft wax is traditionally used on the insides pieces of furniture – such as drawers and shelves – to protect the bare wood and give it a nice, tactile feel.

      It also can be used for lubricating wooden drawer slides and even wooden vise screws on your workbench. Some people even use it as a wax finish over an old finish on antiques.

      Unlike traditional paste wax, soft wax soaks in quickly on bare wood and is easily buffed with a soft cloth to a matte finish. It also imparts a complex, pleasant smell thanks to the beeswax and solvents used to make the wax.

      Our soft wax is made in small batches in Kentucky using a traditional French recipe. We use cosmetics-grade beeswax, Georgia turpentine harvested from longleaf pines and mineral spirits. Each tin contains 4 oz. of soft wax, enough for the interiors of two chests of drawers, for example.

      Wipe on a thin coat of soft wax to bare wood using a clean rag. After five minutes, buff the surfaces with a second clean rag. Allow rags to dry before disposing of them.


  6. William W Teeple says:

    Best of wishes for Katie. Chris, you and Mrs. Schwartz appear to be admirable parents. Keep doing as you have been and you will explode with pride as your daughter matures.
    I know we have with ours.
    Best regards,


  7. Chris F says:

    Glad to see it sold out quick. I would have bought a tin, but no international postage (just like her Dad!) 😀


  8. miathet says:

    Hey nice of you to finish the horse garage just in time for her to park her car!!


  9. If you put a wick in the tin, maybe the could also be sold as scented candles.


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