Update on the Crucible Lump Hammer


You can read all about it on the Crucible blog if you like.

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12 Responses to Update on the Crucible Lump Hammer

  1. Daniel says:

    Does it come dusted with cocoa powder?
    Sure makes it look tasty!


  2. afoundsheep says:

    Ignorant question: Why does the hammer head look white-ish? I will surmise the other photos show the polished metal, but what part of the process makes this one look white?


    • tsstahl says:

      I have two WAGs (wild ass guess). 1. It is a concrete mold master. 2. The prototype still has scale from the foundry, i.e. not a single finishing step happened after knocking off the sand. This post may very well be worth the price paid for it.

      OK, now back to work after taking a break. The break was inspired by a level 7 screw up on my current project; GRRRRR.


    • It is not white. It has been beat to snot by a concrete crew.


      • Chris F says:

        This confused the hell out of me last time you posted it. I thought you’d invented some wild concrete polymer or something 🙂


  3. rons54 says:

    I could never understand your location, till now. You have kobolds living in the basement, don’t you?

    (Actually, trying to pick just one place to eat last weekend convinced me that living in a town of 900 souls has downsides compared to living in the city.)

    Good luck with the project.


  4. So damned excited!!!


  5. L Carter says:

    Why would I pay $85 when I can buy an equivalent hammer from Harbor Freight for $6 to $12 dollars? Really? $85?


    • If you are asking the question, then the hammer is probably not for you.

      It’s $85 because it is properly hardened. Balanced. Made in the United States. Not cast potmetal. Hickory handle (made in the USA) is designed for woodworkers and not engineers. Guaranteed for life.

      If Harbor Freight does it for you, go for it.


    • Gilgaron says:

      If you’re going to cheap out at least go with a nice Estwing.


  6. Paul Londo says:

    If I need a hammer like that my friend Eugene the blacksmith can make me one and we make our handles out of well seasoned wagon wheel spokes.


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