Workbench & Staked Stool Classes for 2018


I will teach two classes in June 2018 at Dictum in Germany – one class on building a Roubo workbench and a second short course on building a staked three-legged stool.

The classes are held at Niederalteich, a gorgeous monastery in Bavaria. Students can stay in the comfortable guest rooms at the monastery or at one of the local bed and breakfasts in the town. The monastery has a really good restaurant and lively beer garden. It is a perfect setting if you want to disconnect from the outside world and focus on the craft.

The staked furniture class is June 9-10. During the class we’ll build a three-legged staked stool. This class is an excellent introduction to the world of chairmaking. We’ll discuss how to design and execute compound-angle joinery without math or trig tables. And we’ll explore the tapered mortise and tenon, the foundation of staked furniture.

For more details or to sign up for the course, visit this page.


The workbench class is an intense five day class from June 11-15. Each student will build a Roubo-style workbench. The class will focus on making the bench and helping you decide what vises or workholding you need in your shop. We will build the bench using traditional mortise-and-tenon construction and the massive sliding dovetail used on early French benches.

For more details or to sign up for the bench course, visit this page.

Note that these classes do not mark my return to a regular teaching schedule. Teaching these classes in Bavaria helps fund my research into early woodworking in Europe. Plus, I owe the people at Dictum a personal favor for which I will ever be grateful.

— Christopher Schwarz, editor, Lost Art Press
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3 Responses to Workbench & Staked Stool Classes for 2018

  1. simon stucki says:

    already signed up for the stool class, looking forward to it! I wish I could do the workbench class as well, but I have no room for my own workbench anywhere yet…


  2. Craig Briggs says:

    In the process of moving to Germany so this is fantastic news. I am looking to maybe purchase some quality pieces of furniture rather than having to hit the local Ikea. Any suggestion on craftsmen or websites where I can do so? Many thanks for your work.


  3. Pack light. No reason to clutter the suitcase with items that can be bought in Europe, like for instance clothes, tools, personal hygiene articles and so forth – space is better used for Crucible hold fasts and dividers!

    Weight? What weight????


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