I am a Tool Abuser


And I do it for you. Details on the Crucible blog here.

— Christopher Schwarz

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8 Responses to I am a Tool Abuser

  1. Chris says:

    Maybe it’s a trick of lighting, but I’m furiously Googling ‘What metal oxidizes blue???’

    • That’s bluish concrete

      • Chris says:

        And I bet Veritas thought they were pretty clever with their powdered metal alloys! When can we expect ‘Roman Concrete Workbenches’ to hit the shelves?

      • gilgaron says:

        I thought it looked like concrete but in the write up they beat on concrete with it… is there rebar in there or something?

      • Chris F says:

        This confused me so much. I was thinking that you were making a concrete hammer for a good couple of hours (until I was reminded that you talk about it being steel in the Crucible post).

  2. jwatriss says:



    Does it do a good job of adjusting the dividers?

    Crap. Now I want a new hammer.

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