Caption Challenge with an Elephant!

The image is from 1634 and needs a caption. ‘Nusquam tuta fides’ translates as ‘no trust is ever sure’ but don’t let that get in your way.

Suzanne Ellison

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41 Responses to Caption Challenge with an Elephant!

  1. Look at the trunk on that!

  2. Hilton says:

    Let’s hope that whatever is built from this wood is not another White Elephant!

  3. eeyoris21 says:

    You pull, and I push! Dumbo!

  4. Brad Carthew says:

    We came. They sawed. I trumpeted.

  5. Brad Carthew says:

    I still don’t see how putting my trunk down the back of his pants will help!

  6. Brad Carthew says:

    Forget maintenance with our new Single Use Logging Elephants!

  7. Tony Wilson says:

    abundans cautela non nocet,
    elephantis magis bonam semper

  8. Dave Reedy says:

    Make sure you saw the right trunk!

  9. djmueller says:

    Tell us more. Why do you need a caption?

  10. Anthony DeStefano says:

    No trunk is ever sure

  11. Robin Slate says:

    We have to discuss the elephant in the trees!

  12. frpaulas says:

    Hey! That’s my favorite scratching tree! If I close the kerf on that saw, they’ll never fell another.

  13. g2-ec7d75ce2808b7d5ed1af24642e8f5b8 says:

    Two are better than one to get the job done!

  14. robmelby says:

    Check the basement also look for bags

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  15. petearon143 says:

    “India Saw Company saws are the best. All others are simply irrelephant!”

  16. Randy Bradley says:

    Don’t take down my shade!

  17. Brian Dormer says:

    If the elephant raises his hind leg – RUN!!!!

  18. Brian Dormer says:

    If the elephant raises his hind leg – RUN!!!

  19. Patrick says:

    Just give him the damn peanut.

  20. ERIC KUEHNE says:

    They’ll never find me if I hide behind this tree.

  21. jbakerrower says:

    …and the F’ing camels complain about just carrying straw!

  22. timothyvermillion says:

    Semper fidelis cyclotis

  23. Mike Mavodones says:

    Try not to think of an elephant.

  24. Marilyn says:

    A trunk to hold the trunk. – only an elephant can hold a tree.

  25. John Sisler says:

    Cletus and Tomball saw a way to trap their second elephant of the day.

  26. Toolnut says:

    Little did Daisy know that she would soon be the reason elephants were no longer welcome at “Bring Your Pet to Work Day.

  27. “Ok, Fred; please explain how a trunk up my a$$ helps me saw better.”

    It wasn’t until they got done cutting the wedge that they realized that they could have just used Frank’s elephant to just pull the tree.

  28. Craig Aebli says:

    Watch your head or you may loose a tusk!

  29. Matthew Buntyn says:

    Tim couldn’t explain it, but he had this nagging feeling that something was watching him.

  30. Tom says:

    Q: How do you get down from an elephant.
    Elephant: You don’t, you get down from a !

  31. Tom says:

    Q: How do you get down from an elephant?
    Elephant: You don’t, you get down from a GOOSE!

  32. Doug Shaw says:

    Trying to ignore the elephant in the room

  33. schugn says:

    What has two trunks and a full set of teeth?

  34. Joel Silverman says:

    “I have to find a new party to represent”

    “How many trunks are you bringing down today?”

    “Is this wood for the wall?”

    Here we see the first deniers.

  35. Gustave Corbeau says:

    The first time ever I saw your face…

  36. smkindem says:

    Chris Schwartz latest discovery in ancient work hiding techniques

  37. Brad Carthew says:

    If a tree falls on an elephant, and nobody sawed it, did it actually happen?

  38. Brad Carthew says:

    You can’t make an armoire without breaking a few elephants.

  39. Brad Carthew says:

    Historical records show that before the invention of the saw horse, the saw elephant was used.

  40. Lee Pickart says:

    ” My name is elephantus, I speak for the trees”

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